3 Tips to Prepare for Online Therapy Session During COVID-19

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Unprecedented challenges and disruption of normal life force many people to seek therapy to improve their quality of life and be better able to confront the challenges. COVID-19 has brought about similar uncertainty where many people are under stress due to a variety of reasons. But this is also the time where we are unable to go see our therapists due to social distancing. No therapist clinics are operating nowadays. On the other hand, there is a significant increase in the number of patients who need help.

Luckily there still is an option in the form of teletherapy. Many therapists are conducting therapy sessions online. All you will need to consult a psychiatrist online is a mobile or computer and an internet connection.

Teletherapy has been successfully used to aid many people facing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, phobias, OCD, aversions, emotional upheaval after losing a loved one and many others. If you are not familiar with the idea let us suggest a few ways you can make most of your online therapy session.

Set up the System

Because this is a virtual meeting setting up the required system is the basic necessity of a smooth and successful session. The easiest way we can suggest is to use Marham’s application available for both IOs and android users. Just download the app, book your appointment and you will be connected with the required healthcare professional conveniently. You will not be required to go through complex software download runs etc.

Be sure to have a good sound support system for a quality experience. Using HD headphones or earbuds you can avoid distortion.

Select a Place

Setting up a place for your session is important as you would not be in the dedicated calm environment of your therapist’s room. Choose a place with minimum disturbance. With kids being at home and several members working from home it might be a challenge in itself. Consider choosing a time slot when most people in your household are busy.

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Set up a comfortable place where you will be spending the session and position screen so as your face is at the top of the screen rather than in the middle. Consider placing the computer on a sturdy surface rather than having it in lap and moving around. Preserve your attention for the session by logging out from social media and blocking notifications for the duration of your session.

Be Prepared Mentally

When you are traveling to a therapist’s office it gives you enough time to be prepared mentally. Compared to when you just see them amid a stressful day. Psychiatrist online Consultation may itself trigger anxiety the same as any new thing can when doing it for the very first time. discuss it with your therapist if it seems like an idea for you. Pen down your concerns and questions you want to ask. Set aside 10-15 minutes more than you need for the session. Use these extra few minutes before and after the session for connecting with yourself, deep breathing, and initiating the thought process that will help reap the full benefits of teletherapy.

if at any time you need to consult a therapist or any other doctor you can use Marham’s online consultation services for this.

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