3 Ways Down’s Syndrome can Affect a Child

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Down syndrome is a genetic disorder based on an abnormal cellular division, leading to extra genetic material from chromosome 21 resulting in 47 chromosomes instead of normal 46. This one extra set of a chromosome can make your kid suffer from a combination of abnormalities right from the birth. So, you really need to know all about it and this article will fulfill the purpose.

Physical Abnormalities:

Down syndrome sufferer has one extra chromosome and this gives him a bit different physical appearance from an average child. Here, are some common physical differences listed which are manifested by a child with this disorder.

  • Flat face with short neck
  • Slanting eyes in little upward direction
  • Abnormal shape of ears
  • Poor muscle tone
  • Loose ligaments
  • Obesity

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physical abnormaliites in down's syndrome
The disorder also negatively affects the health of the victim as he suffers many serious health issues just due to abnormal segregation of chromosomes. Here, we list some common health issues in adolescents with Down syndrome:

behaviour peoblems in down's syndrome

Behavioral Problems:

kids and teens with this genetic abnormality often suffer from frustration, anger, irritation and compulsive behavior traits. Throwing away the things or giving up challenging tasks, self-stimulatory behaviors, and inappropriate attention-seeking behaviors are common among the teens with the disorder. To solve all behavioral problems of your kid or teens consult the best psychiatrist in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi via Marham.pk. At times, you may find him to make pointless, unintentional, and purposeless movements. Abnormal eating and sleeping habits are also not out of chance; he may eat too much or too little in the same way he may sleep for long hours or a few hours.

Learning Issues:

Teens with down syndrome usually take longer time than normal ones to learn new things and activities. Any skill learning process needs to be slow and continuous without any gap to ensure steady progress. They may also lack independent skills, so you need to help them with their routine activities. Academically, even if the affected teen can’t excel as good as average teens, he can go to the school and also complete his tertiary education efficiently.

Yes, they are not normal, but being a normal one it’s your responsibility to give them space and help them to live better.

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