4 Applications of Diagnostic Laparoscopy

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In the field of medicine, no treatment starts until the diagnosis is completed. And the success of the treatment is based on the correct diagnosis. Incorrect diagnosis leads to improper treatment. So many diagnostic techniques are invented to achieve the aim of correct diagnosis. Diagnostic laparoscopy is one of them. To know about this read the following words.

This almost magical procedure really helps surgeons. But it requires a very skilled surgeon to get optimum results from this. To find the best laparoscopic surgeon in Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan you can log on to Marham.pk.

Diagnostic Laparoscopy:

It is a medical procedure which a surgeon uses to take a direct look at the contents of the abdomen, pelvis, thorax, head, or neck. To do this procedure surgeons make a small cut below the belly button and insert a tube or needle in it, a gas is passed into the abdomen to expand the area to examine.

diagnostic applications of laparoscopy

A tiny video camera is also inserted into the tube to view the internal contents. Sometimes a dye is also used with it to view specific structures like fallopian tubes. After the examination, all instruments are removed and cut is closed.


Laparoscopy is usually performed to examine the abdominal and pelvic organs to diagnose certain conditions and depending on the condition, it can be used to perform surgery. Tissue samples can also be collected for biopsy using laparoscopy and malignancies are treated when it is combined with other therapies.

Advance Laparoscopic Surgery including liver, appendix and Hernia by Dr. Sadaqat Ali.


In medical centers and hospitals where many techniques are in use to diagnose the disorders, this diagnostic technique is strongly recommended due to its tremendous advantages. Some of them are listed below;

  • Lesser bleeding
  • Lesser pain
  • Least usage of medication
  • Fewer stitches to wound closure
  • Fewer chances of infection
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Minimum medical personnel required
  • Early recovery


Till the date, diagnostic laparoscopy is the least invasive surgery for the diagnosis of intra-abdominal malfunctions.

applications of laparoscopy

Diagnostic laparoscopy To Enables The Surgeon:

  • To make a direct inspection of large surface areas of intra-abdominal organs.
  • To obtain biopsy specimens, cultures, and aspiration.
  • To evaluate deep organs that are not amenable to inspection.
  • Diagnostic laparoscopy not only facilitates the diagnosis of intra-abdominal disease but also makes therapeutic intervention possible.

Never avoid new techniques for diagnosis or treatment, these are in practice because of their efficiency.

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