4 Best Home Remedies For Burns

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Winters are on its way and all that winter fun too. Peanuts, hot chocolate, black coffee, hot n sour soup, late night movie sessions, long walk in a foggy night and what not. There are a lot more than this that winters offer us. But along with these fun-filled days, there are some concerns too. For example every year we heard about several incidents that take place in winters such as house got a fire due to gas leakage from heaters or gas cylinders. Many people including children get burns and other injuries. However, burns are already one of the most common household injuries. Definitely, we should take action in order to prevent burns but somehow if you get affected by it then you can try these home remedies to ease your discomfort.

1. Use Cool Water:

When you get a minor burn then the first thing that you should do is run cool water over the affected area. Let it run over the burn for almost 20 minutes and then wash the burned area with soap and water. Make sure you use cool water no cold.

2.Cool Compress Or Wet Cloth:

You can place a cool compress or clean wet cloth over the burned area. It will help relieve the pain and swelling. You can apply it in 5 to 15-minute intervals. Try not to use excessively cold compresses because it may irritate the burn more.

3.Aloe Vera:

Different studies have shown that aloe vera is very effective in healing first to second burns. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties which also promotes circulation and prevents the growth of bacteria. No wonders why is it often referred to as the burnt plant.


Honey is not only the sweetest thing but it may also help to heal a minor burn when applied topically. No doubt its very delicious taste but apart from this, it is anti-inflammatory, naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too.

Also, do your best to avoid exposing the burn to direct sun. The affected skin will be very sensitive to the sun, so if you need to go out urgently keep it covered with proper clothing. Moreover, if your mild burn doesn’t heal within two to three weeks, consult with the skin specialist and get the right treatment.

Few Most Popular Dermatologist:

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