4 Causes For Cataract And It’s Treatment

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If you at your 50s or you find your vision blurry or cloudy, you may have Cataracts. It is a common treatable condition in older adult men & women.

“Our lens is a transparent makeup that allows light into the eye. Cataracts are the proteins build-up hazy areas that form in the lens. It is the leading cause of vision loss in people over the age of 40, but cataract surgery is a routine surgery nowadays & it is one of the most common kinds of eye surgery.”

An Eye specialist at Laser Vision Center Hospital-Karachi

Inborn cataracts may be present at birth or may appear after shortly, or at some time during infancy or childhood. Age-related cataracts noticed later in life and are the most common type. Cataracts can make it difficult to read especially during the nighttime. Seeing people’s facial expressions may become difficult.

At the beginning, long-distance vision is more severely affect by cataracts. It develops slowly, so most people do not know, they have them at first place, but as this clouding & blurry vision progresses, it can make the vision worse gradually.

Causes Of Eye Cataracts

Anyone can develop a Cataract, because its greatest risk factor is age. There are 4 major causes!

    • Age-Related Cataracts: This age-related cataract form as you get older.
    • Congenital Cataracts: Congenital Cataract occurs when babies are born with cataracts. They may be caused by some infection, injury, or poor development in the womb.
    • Secondary Cataracts: This happens because of other medical conditions, like diabetes. This can also be the cause of being around toxic substances, ultra-violet light, or radiation, or from taking medications such as Corticosteroids or Diuretics.
    • Traumatic Cataracts: This forms after an injury to the eye.

Other risk factors that may increase the chance of developing eye cataracts include.

    • Family history
    • Long-term exposure to bright light or sunlight
    • Previous eye inflammation

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Pilots are more likely to develop nuclear cataracts, because of exposure to ionizing radiation.

Symptoms Of Cataracts

Eye Cataracts usually form slowly & spreads gradually. You may not know that you have develops a cataract, until they start to block the light. Then, see for below symptoms

    • Vision that is cloudy, filmy, foggy or blurry
    • Nearsightedness
    • Changes in the way you see each color
    • Problems driving at night, you may notice a glare from oncoming headlights
    • Problems with glare during day
    • Double vision in one or both eyes
    • Trouble with eyeglasses or contact lenses not working well

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Cataract Treatment

Either your vision can be cure with glasses or contacts, your doctor will give you a better prescription. If it cannot & cataracts become a problem in your daily life, you may need cataract surgery.

It is done on an out-patient basis, means you will go home the same day, and it’s usually very successful according to current practices in Pakistan. The surgeon will remove your lens and replace it with a human-made one. More than 95% of people who have this done, says they can see better after this short procedure.

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