4 Common Skin Bumps You Should Not Pick Up.

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Popping and picking skin bumps or acne is very casual. We cannot blame our self for this because no one can deny that skin bumps automatically urge us to pick them up. There is nothing good in picking bumps and acne.
There are some specific skin bumps that can create more issues for you if you are going to pick them up. Skin is a sensitive yet visible part of the body so if you find any on it deal with it in a little more careful manner. It is even better to consult with a good dermatologist to avoid more trouble. Here is some skin bump that needs your attention and you should not pick them up.

1) Ingrown Hair:

If you have hair inside the skin do not bother to pick them up. Although these hair looks really ugly if you are going to pick them up it can create an infection. In the worst situation, it can cause serious irritation too. To avoid this trouble do not touch such ingrown hair. Let them remain where they are it is totally ok to have prominent hair because it’s not your fault.

2) Cold Sore:

It occurs due to fever or inflammation in the body. It usually occurs near the mouth, inside it, or near the nose. Yes! It does hurt but popping or picking it can hurt it even more. Old sore can be curable. You can take proper medication for cold sore and in the worst situation, surgical treatment can also require.

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3) Blackheads:

We all have blackheads on the face mostly. The reason behind these blackheads is oily skin. Picking and popping these blackheads can create scars that will be long-lasting. Treatment of these scars is even more difficult. Either you can eliminate these blackheads from a well-qualified dermatologist or use good cautions if you still want to pick them.

4) Whiteheads:

Okay! I agree that white heads look more gross and weird. Same is the reason behind these whiteheads either they grow due to dust and unhygienic germs on the skin or they grow due to oily skin.

Skin bump is not a big issue until you are making it so. Try to take medical assistance with a good skin specialist before becoming your own doctor.

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