4 Common Substances Around You That Can Cause Lung Cancer

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Iterations in the genetic material of cells result in cancer. This leads to the formation of cells that do not follow the body’s check and balance. These continue to multiply uncontrollably and lead to the formation of tumors. The abnormalities in DNA can be due to changes during the replication process. Other causes that can also result in irregularities in DNA are the substances found in the environment. Marham can help you to find and consult the best cancer doctors in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.

Lung cancer is the dominant type of cancer around the world. Major causes of cancer in the environment include smoke, radiations and chemical substances. Here we are discussing common carcinogens present in an environment that can be a cause of lung cancer.


igarette smoking is the culprit behind 90% of cases of lung cancer. This risk increases with the frequency of smoking per year. Pack-year smoking is the medical term used for this risk. Higher the pack-year smoking greater is the risk of lung cancer. To get a consultation for any lung disease book an appointment with the best pulmonologist in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan using Marham.pk.

Pipe and cigar smoking can also be a cause of lung cancer. Although the risk is lower as compared to cigarette smokers. However, when compared to nonsmokers incidence of lung cancer for cigar and pipe smokers is 5%.

Smoke from a cigarets contains as much as 7000 chemical compounds. Many of these are researched and found to be carcinogenic. Especially nitrosamines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are linked to lung cancer.

If you are a smoker and want to stay safe from lungs cancer you should quit smoking today. You would be happy to know that as soon as you stop smoking your chances of getting lung cancer to start dropping. After 15 years of smoking cessation an ex-smoker as risk-free for lung cancer as a normal non-smoker.

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Passive Smoking:

Passive smoking is exposure and inhalation of second-hand smoke from other smokers. People who live with or work with smokers are at higher risk of lung cancer compared to those who don’t. Passive smoking has been researched extensively and is considered to be a leading cause of lung cancer..

Expectant women are especially forbidden to avoid exposure to second-hand smoke. In pregnant women inhalation of second-hand smoke can seriously affect the health of the unborn child. To get help regarding gynecological issues book an appointment with the best gynecologist in Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan. .

It is also noticed that children exposed to second-hand smoke have a higher risk of asthma, allergies and breathing problems. To find and consult the best child specialist in Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.


Asbestos is silicate fibers which can stay in lung tissues for a lifetime if these enter the lungs. Formerly it was used for thermal and acoustic insulation. Workers involved in this were at highest risk of lung cancer. Now asbestos use is curtailed in many countries. Still, workers should be aware of their workplace has an asbestos hazard. Smoking in workers exposed to asbestos multiplies the risk of lungs cancer to many folds. Asbestos exposure is related to mesothelioma occurrence as well.

Asbestosis is an ailment which is caused due to entrapment of asbestos fibers in the lungs. This causes irritation and scar formation. This can elicit symptoms like pain in chest, persistent cough and shortening of breath. Asbestosis is not regarded as lung cancer. But it can lead to lung cancer. It is therefore considered as a marker of lung cancer. .

Radon Gas:

Radon is a naturally existing gas. It is a resultant product of uranium decay. It is chemically inert. Being odorless and colorless it cannot be detected without a test kit. 12% of lung cancer cases are attributable to radon. Simultaneous smoking and radon exposure increases the chances of developing lung cancer..

Radon can be present in your home.it tends to travel into homes via gaps in the foundation, drains, and pipes. Test your home for radon presence using a simple test kit. If detected take measures to eliminate this potential hazard. To find the best cancer hospital in Islamabad visit Marham.pk..

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Genetic Tendencies:

Though tobacco smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer the fact remains that not all smokers get lung cancer. Factors such as individual susceptibility count here. Studies show that lungs cancer was more prevalent in relatives of people who have lung cancer.

Air Pollution:

Breathing for years in polluted air carries the same risk as does passive smoking. 1% of lung cancer cases are due to air pollution. Prolonged exposure to pollutants like factory smoke, vehicle emissions, and other pollutants can raise the chances of lung cancer.

Sign and Symptoms of Lungs Cancer:

  • Upon a physical exam presence of lungs, cancer may show the following sign and symptoms:.
  • Swelling in lymph nodes above the clavicle.
  • The unusual sound from the lungs.
  • The difference in the level of both pupils.
  • Drooping eyelids.
  • Weakness experienced in one arm either left or right.
  • Puffy face.
  • High level of a certain hormone or substance such as calcium in the body with no other evident cause is also a sign of cancer.
  • An X-ray can also predict the presence of lung cancer.
  • To confirm diagnosis later on tests like CT scan, MRI, bronchoscopy, and biopsy can also be ordered. Lung cancer is a lethal disease. One should make maximum efforts to keep themselves safe from this. as the major causative agents are present around us. A conscious persistent effort can help to reduce the chances of lungs cancer.

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