4 Factors that can Hinder Pregnancy

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Each married couple desires to become a parent. Some fortunate ones get the blessing of a child in quite a normal way but some experience difficulty in this course. To take professional help is always better, but sometimes it can be fixed by quite simple things like:

Inappropriate Diet:

Any deprived couple can increase the chance of getting good news by putting special food items on dining plate. Food rich in oxidants, vitamin C, and E, folic acid, zinc, selenium, and lycopene are boosters of reproductive health and enhance the chances of pregnancy. On the other hand, some foods might actually increase hindrance in conceiving. You should find and consult with the best nutritionist in Karachi, Lahore or other main cities of Pakistan to have an expert advice in this regard.
factors that can hinder pregnancy


Stress not only affects the brain and normal sleep-wake cycle but also a hindrance in conceiving. Stress reduces the hormones which are required for ovulation and sperm production. Decreased libido in case of high stress also makes it way too difficult to conceive. To manage your hormonal levels you can find the best endocrinologist in Karachi, Rawalpindi or other main cities of Pakistan by logging on to Marham.pk, where you can book your appointments online.


If you’re tipping the scales in a direction a little north of your ideal weight, then you are not only at risk of heart problems and diabetes but abnormal periods, disturbed ovulation, damaged sperm production and premature ejaculation is also on board. To solve problems related to male reproductive health you can consult with the best sexologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk. So try to manage your body weight first, getting pregnant will not be the issue anymore.
factors that can hinder pregnancy

Fertile Window:

There is actually a relatively short window of time during which a woman is “fertile.” This is the time duration of a six-day interval ending on the day of ovulation, intercourse in this time duration ultimately leads to pregnancy. Track your period’s date strictly, make it possible in a suitable fertile window and let nature do its work. To get expert advice to solve any issue which you think an obstacle in pregnancy, visit Marham.pk and discuss your issue with the best gynecologist in Karachi or Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan.

Nature knows best, but never leaves the things only at nature. A little effort in this regard can help you avoid complications and a long wait as well.

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Dr. Nazli Hameed

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Dr. Rabia Wajid

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Dr. Syeda Riffat

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Tayyaba Waris
She is a student of Ph.D. molecular biology at Comsats University, Islamabad. She is working on the causes and treatment of male infertility. She has also worked on liver disease and its herbal treatments and has recently got her paper published in the National journal of Natural Pharmaceuticals. At Marham, she writes about hot medical issues and general health problems.