4 Factors That Influence Height

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Everything changes with time and gets old on this planet with the passage of time as this is the law of nature.
When any living thing comes into existence, it has limited features and then grows with time. Same is the case with newborn babies, when they grow old, get bigger in size with the passage of time. It counts as a normal process but everything is not perfect. Some babies do not experience normal growth as they grow less or take time in growth.
Being tall is a special attribute for most of people. When any product comes in a market and claims to increase the height, which becomes the center of attraction for the people with short height. But you must consult the best Endocrinologist in Karachi. Lahore, Islamabad  or any major city of Pakistan from where you belong before using any of these products,

According to studies, an increase in growth stops after puberty. Usually, the average age for the puberty is 18 years for females and 20 years for males. After this age, growth in height stops and there is no evidence in the scientific world that could reverse this process. But nowadays there are many companies in the market which claim the production of such products that can cause an increase in height.

What Is The Normal Process of Growth in Humans?

Human growth follows an S-shaped curve in which the initial growth is at a slow rate and then there comes an age which causes rapid growth. End of the second stage is marked by the onset of puberty. The third stage may vary from person to person and based on this variation some experience the stop in growth and others may experience slow growth.

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Which Factors Influence Human Growth?

There are several factors that influence human growth and these are listed below;


It is basically the transfer of features through genes from parents to their children.
It the basic and most important factor that plays a role in human growth. It influences both gender’s growth differently.


It also has importance in the human growth cycle and varies a lot in both of them based on speed. It is observed faster in girls than boys but other feature’s growth is totally different in both of these.


It definitely has some effect on growth. People with better socioeconomic status are able to satisfy the nutritional needs of their child which are necessary for human growth. But there are chances for low-income families that their children may experience short height because of poor nutrition. As we know that nutrition is directly proportional to health. You can find and consult the best nutritionist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan through Marham – Find a Doctor.


There are several glands in the human body that secrete the various hormones directly in the bloodstream. These hormones are responsible for the increase and decrease in various organs of the human body. These regulate the growth of the human body.

Growth Increasing Products in the Market:

There are many products in the market that claim to increase in height and these include;

    • HeightoMAX:

It is an herbal medicine that claims the boosting of natural growth and development of the body.
Others may include;

    • Cherifer syrup
    • Servari grow syrup
    • High power capsules
    • High-speed capsules

Use of any of these products should only be commenced only upon recommendation from a registered physician, You must consult the best general physician in Lahore, Karachi or Islamabad before using these medicines.

Few Most Popular General Physicians In Pakistan:

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