4 Joint-Friendly Exercises You Should Try

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Everybody knows that how much it is important for us to keep moving our body and why staying active is crucial to controlling weight. In fact, it is so good to see that many people are now willing to build the foundation of their strength and size. I personally know people who weren’t active at all but now physical activity is their utmost priority. However, there is one common issue that I’ve been noticing and that is when people start building strength and muscle mass, they end up hurting their joints. There are multiple reasons for this but we won’t talk about it. However, if you’re too experiencing the same problem, then don’t worry because here I’m listing 4 joint-friendly exercises that you can try.

1.Swimming And Water Aerobics:

If you have bad joints and if your joints are carrying your excessive weight then swimming is the best and low impact exercise for you. This is because you’re nearly weightless in the water and you can enjoy a vigorous swim without post-joint pain. Swimming also strengthens muscles and burns your calories. So, go for it!


It is my personal most favorite exercise. It strengthens your joints and gives toning to your muscles that surround your knees, hips, and back. Hence, it improves your overall posture, alignment, and joint mobility. You can go cycling in the morning or in the evening and it will be more fun if you take your friends along too.


Yoga combines gentle stretching with guided breathes. You can take help from a yoga instructor who will lead you through a series of low impact; low cardio yoga poses that challenge your body to become more flexible. It also promotes strong muscles and joints. And the best part is it never gives you post-joint pain.

4.Walking Or Running:

It is one of the best exercises that can help you to go well with your joints. If your knees aren’t strong enough to handle running, then you can still get many benefits from walking or hiking without risking your joints. If you’re newbie exerciser then you can start with a 10-15 minute walk. After that, you can gradually progress to 30-45 minute calorie burner.

All of these exercises are joint-friendly because they’re low impact, which means they don’t put harmful or forceful stress on your body and joints. However, if your joints are already causing severe pain then immediately consult with the orthopedic physician.

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