4 Lessons That Breastfeeding Can Teach You

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Breastfeeding is a very special connection between a mom and a baby. It establishes a great bond between the two. Breast milk provides nourishment to the baby and helps in strengthening the immune system of a newborn. I believe it is a right of every little baby to get fed on breast milk exclusively at least for the first six months but exceptions are always there.

Initially, you might find it difficult but once you will get a hang of it you will be alright and will feel super proud of yourself. Breastfeeding can make you learn so many things; it will change you as a person.

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In this article, we will put light on some of the lessons that breastfeeding can make you learn.

Be Patient!

Just like you are new to this so is your baby. Have patience before you give up. You will hear a lot of people suggesting you a number of ways to get it right, but trust me it is just you who can make the situation right. You can consult and get advice from best gynecologist to not create chaos in this stage.  Do what you feel is right for you and the baby. Initially, you will feel irritated, frustrated or might even just cry because of low supply but trust yourself and your body. Try, try and try again as it’s a right of your baby to get nourished in the best possible way.

Breastfeeding awareness
Breastfeeding awareness

Don’t Feel Guilty

So now when you have a baby in your arms, it is your utmost duty to look after him or her. We can understand you have lots of work that is pending and you might feel that you are unable to meet your everyday tasks on time just because you have to feed your baby. It’s alright! Consider feeding time a break or a breather for yourself. You are doing the best possible job; you are nourishing your kid. Don’t ever feel guilty for not completing other tasks.

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Do What Works For You

You will hear lots of suggestions such as don’t make your baby addicted to nursing in the midnight, don’t exclusively breastfeed your baby, etc. I would suggest you do what works best for both of you. Who can understand your baby better than you? If nursing a baby to sleep works for you, go ahead and do it. It’s alright to comfort him with nursing, if you don’t feel nursing your baby in front of others that’s alright. Listen to your inner self rather than considering the opinions of others.

Breastfeeding awareness
Breastfeeding awareness

Don’t be Disappointed

Let nature do its work. Don’t worry about your milk supply. Your baby can be fussy, irritable despite of getting enough milk. So don’t blame yourself. If the baby is gaining enough weight and wetting diapers he/she is absolutely fine. Your gynecologist is your best friend to get an appointment right away. The more baby latches on the more will be the milk. So relax! Don’t stress yourself out and stop blaming yourself for everything that happens to your baby.

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