4 Makeup Hacks You Really Need To Know

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Either you are working women or college girl makeup is more like breakfast for you. I’m not claiming that I do not use makeup or there is something wrong in it. Obviously, women and makeup have a soulful bonding that no one can understand. But have you ever try to understand the need for your makeup and skin?

It might be possible that you are using the wrong primer and foundation. Before spending thousands of rupees on Artdeco products please gather knowledge about your skin and makeup need so that it won’t ruin the natural beauty. Here is the information you need to know about makeup hacks and skin type.

Dry Skin Type.

If you have dry skin type then you must use a primer before applying all the foundation and concealer. Also, use lotion and sunblock before half an hour of putting on makeup. Dry skin type is not a difficult thing to handle in makeup techniques. The real mess is oily skin which can create trouble right after an hour of using makeup.

Oily Skin.

Luckily there are many products in the market that can be used for oil control. You must apply it half an hour before the makeup procedure. Using lots of makeup for oily skin is big trouble. Try to keep it light unless you are going for part or the wedding.

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If you have an eye bag or blemishes do not forget to hide it from a concealer. Natural shade is okay for almost all skin tone. It can really work like magic and hide your early morning flaws on the skin. You can also get the advice of a good skin specialist in Karachi or any other city about perfect skin tips.

Wash it.

Its good advice to wash your face after some time. You can again do the makeup after it but first, let the skin breath. Wash out all the germs and oil otherwise you are ruining your skin.

Keep smiling because this is actual makeup. If you are facing some trouble regarding skin issues then you must get a consultation with the best dermatologist.

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