4 Myths And Facts About Vitiligo

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What is Vitiligo?

Maybe many of us know it other terms but are unaware of the exact term. Having uneven skin with the white patch is basically called Vitiligo. Although it is a rare disorder those who are suffering from it have a hard time with this disease. Just like racism Vitiligo’s people also face some backlash often. There is a dire need of awareness among people about the facts of this. There are so many myths there in the mind of people about it. A good skin specialist can help you in a proper and best guide for such conditions. Let’s just find out these myths and answer them to aware people.

Dark Skinned Get Vitiligo:

This is just a myth. It can happen to anyone. Any race can get this either from birth or in any section of life. Some people treat it by a dermatologist but still, it is the quite expensive and unapproachable method. There is a number of people who get this in Asian regions, American, and European region as well.

Mixed Race Parents:

There is also a myth that those who get Vitiligo have mixed race parents. NO! This is a totally wrong perception. It has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. It is just a progressive medical condition occurs mostly below the age of 20 but it doesn’t mean that it cannot happen after this age.

Relation with Skin Cancer:

It has nothing to do with skin cancer. This perception is so wrong and can ruin someone’s mental state. The Reason behind Vitiligo can be an autoimmune disorder that can destroy cells in an immune system that are responsible for skin color.

Combinations of Food:

There is another common myth about it is that it happens due to the wrong combinations of food. Some people consider that drinking milk after eating a certain type of fish can cause Vitiligo. But there is the least realistic in it. There are only issues in a cell that can be a major cause. Those who are having other skin issues must visit a good dermatologist before it gets late.

We really need to aware people around us that this is not something superficial. Everyone must keep encouraging Vitiligo disordered people just because they are beautiful in some other ways.

Few Most Popular Dermatologists/Skin Specialists In Pakistan:

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