4 Natural Ingredients That Can Help You To Keep Your Hair Black

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We just discussed in our previous blog about side effects of using chemical hair colors. A lot of people have questions regarding this. Like what we can do to avoid hair dye usage? How to maintain natural color of hairs? And also is there any natural fix for premature greying? And how to get black hair?

As you age your hairs lose their pigment. Premature greying of hairs is a loss of hair pigment at a young age. This is seen commonly nowadays. Scientists blame this to pollution and excess of chemicals in our ecosystem. These hazardous substances have made their way into our food chain, water and ultimately our bodies. Here we are discussing ingredients that can help to keep and maintain the natural color of hairs.

What to Do for Naturally Black Hair?

Some of the easiest and organic ways to ensure your hair health and preserve their colour are mentioned below.


One of the most well known natural ingredients for hair health is Amla. It is also called Indian gooseberry. Amla can be used as food and also as a mask. Take Amla powder and mix it with honey. Consume it twice a day. further Amla powder can also be used as a mask and as shampoo. Using Amla powder for washing hair and following with Amla infused oil is known to keep hairs black and shiny.

If you have scalp issues too like dandruff Amla is helpful for this as well. Some people have dandruff that just doesn’t go away by natural remedies. They might need to see a skin specialist for this issue.


This is natural hair dye but many people fail to like its reddish brown color. You can use it smartly as a preventive aid for greying. Mix some henna powder in mustard oil and heat it. Allow this mixture to cool down. Use this to massage your scalp and also apply to hairs as well.

Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves are a famous condiment use for flavoring in continental foods. Besides flavor, these also contain biochemicals that give strength to hairs and promote the overall health of the scalp. You should preferably increase consumption of curry leaves. Alternatively, you can also add these to coconut oil and use this religiously as an anti-greying tonic.



Ancient Ayurvedic manuscripts reveal butter and concentrated cow’s milk as a secret for the prevention and also for treatment of grey hairs. Butter from pure organic cow’s milk is preferred. Ayurvedic treatment also proposes consumption of desi ghee for prevention and treatment of premature hair discoloration.


Further, you can also use natural hair tonics like vitamin E, amino acids and proteins. Adding these nutrients from food is beneficial for hair and general well being of a person as well. Also, share this on your timeline and help people avoid grey hairs.

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