4 Physical Health Damages of Heart Break

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Heartbreak is painful indeed. Sorrow overflows, when this occurs in life. But buddy, you know it’s not only the matter of hurt feelings. The heartbreak is strong enough to hurt you physically too. These are some ways, by which heartbreak affect the person’s physical health status.

Pain is in the Brain:

Your brain is the first organ which gets the effect of heartbreak. The strong emotional trauma affects the brain in the same way as physical damage effects. In result, the brain shows its reaction in the same way. The brain gets fog, becomes slow in working, says no to focus even your sleep pattern disturbs a lot. All these things lead to depression. For handling depression, you can take help from the best psychologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham.

Digestive System is Victimized:

You think the only appetite has vanished after heartbreak. But your digestive system is affected in many more ways. The broken heart may cause nausea, indigestion, stomach pain, cramps, and ulcers. If due to heartbreak or any other reason you are suffering from some gastrointestinal problem you can log on to Marham and get an immediate consultation with stomach doctors in Karachi where stomach disorders are at peak nowadays.

Broken Heart Person

Heartache is Real:

Heart pain is not a mere word, the person in emotional turmoil may feel real heartache. Chest pain, stress or pressure on heart, palpitations and abnormal heart rhythms may cause a problem to the already disturbed person. The situation may get worse and these heart pains may lead to heart attack. Yes, it is true, persons engulfed by trauma in this way.


Sensitivity to illness:

The heartbreak and emotional stress also make the person sensitive to general illness. This happens because the immune system also gets negative impact from this bad circumstance. The immune system gets weakened and loses its ability to fight against invading microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. In result, the broken heart person is attacked by infections and other general illness like a fever.

  • Heartbreak is really not easy to handle. You can not be the same as what you were once. But you can build yourself in better and stronger way. 


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