4 Possible Reasons That Can Cause Back Pain

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It can happen anytime and anywhere. Do not expect it to be nicer with you. Yes! I’m talking about back pain. Either you are sitting in an office or taking a nap, it can attack you anytime. When there are so many remedies for this ailment, there are also so many reasons for it too.

Every remedy would work according to the reason for back pain. Here let me inform you that we are not focused on hormonal issue and pain through it. Let’s just find out the reason behind back pain and its possible effect on mood.

Long Sittings

If you are working person then congratulations you can suffer from this ailment more often. Long sittings can cause serious back pain. It can even get worse if you do not change this habit. Actually, your muscles also need relaxation. If the blood circulation in the body is not proper then it may cause pain and mood swing ultimately.


If you are lifting weight in the improper manner then it can cause severe pain because you are actually ruining the posture and bones. Tissues can get damage and also lead to fracture as well. You can avoid it by using precautions before lifting the weight. You can also consult with the best orthopedic surgeon in Karachi, through marham.pk in an assistant of any serious injury.

Sitting Postures

Poor sitting postures can not only ruin your body shape but also cause pain. One must sit properly and not always in a lazy manner. Bending for long can also cause pain and tummy fat as well. Sit in a good posture and mostly straight.


Smoking has a mysterious connection with back pain. Though we cannot totally blame it can be the cause of pain. Smoking effect the brain and the spinal cord thus causes pain. Although chain smokers can hardly get rid of this habit.

You can avoid this pain by adopting some good postures and habits. In a serious condition, you can also consult with the best orthopedic surgeon in Islamabad, Karachi or any other big city from Marham. pk

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