4 Powerful Herbs to Reduce Stress

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Are you really feeling tired and stressed out after loads of work at home and office? But natural remedies are in your kitchen which can make you feel good and better and will help in reducing stress level. There are four herbs which are very powerful in reducing stress levels.

It is a culture to feel stressed out nowadays most of are in a constant or near constant state of overwork. If it persists all this will make you mentally sick. There are benefits of stressing too sometimes like you become very alert and focus with more intensity towards your work but its damages are far greater because your health gets affected and most people when stressed out for comfort eat which will make you gain weight and is not good for your heart health. You can find and consult with the best cardiologist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk and get your heart disease managed and treated with the best hands.

Being too much under stress always can make you look older and it affects both your physical and mental health.

To save yourself from chronic diseases include these 4 herbs into your diet and you will feel the difference shortly.


This is an amazing herb used for centuries in brewing tea and can be taken as a supplement. It is used to calm the weary nerves and ease your mind. As it has mildly sedative quality so it is used to treat sleeping disorders if you are anxious about anything to the point where it is hard for you to sleep than make tea with chamomile and enjoy good night’s sleep!


It is such a beautiful herb and has tons of benefits too. It helps those with high levels of stress and anxiety and their sleep is affecting because of it.

herbs for stress

Its effects are also mildly sedative. If nothing seems to work you may need to find and consult with the best psychiatrist in Karachi, Lahore and other main cities of Pakistan via Marham.pk and get yourself properly diagnosed with the cause as it might be depression.

Green and Black Teas:

It is a study where they say good tea can increase alpha waves in the brain which helps you to feel calmer. It is not odd to sit somewhere and sip your tea it is actually a way of you relieving stress. It is known to increase the feeling of relaxation and change behavior of people.

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This plant has an amazing smell to it and even used to sooth the babies to sleep. If laughing is hard for you due to stress try to smell lavender you can also drink tea infused with lavender.

herbs to relieve stress

It immediately calms the nerves which are draining your energy.


It is also known as winter cherry and used for thousands of years to soothe the frazzled minds. Its roots are full of flavonoids and act as an adaptive, means, it helps in adapting to the environment mostly stressful ones.

Try using above herbs and see the change in your quality of life.

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Dr. Naeem Aftab

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