4 Reasons Why You Should Never Use Cotton Swabs To Clean Ears

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Since our childhood, we’ve been repeatedly told to keep our ears clean, using an ear bud. Are our elders right in suggesting so? Should we listen to their advice and continue using an ear bud? You can read on to make a wise decision.

What is wax?

Wax is a natural secretion of the ears containing a mix of dead skin cells and sebum (a lubricating substance secreted by the hair within the ear).

Its function is to lure the dirt entering the ear and preventing it from going deep inside. Wax is produced only in the outer 1/3rd of the ear canal that is a hair bearing area. it’s not a waste material, however, an awfully useful secretion.

Freshly formed wax is transparent in color and as it ages, it becomes brown or black. Over a couple of days, the wax is naturally pushed out of the external auditory canal and falls off during sleep or while taking a shower.

The skin lining the ear is special in that, it’s the only skin within the body, which may expel wax. Only a number of people have the tendency to accumulate wax even when not using ear buds.

What Happens When We Use An Ear, Bud?

The wax that should be present only in the outer part of the ear, is pushed deeper inside from where it cannot be naturally expelled. So, over a period of time, wax starts accumulating in the ear and goes even deeper, eventually striking the ear drum. This will cause onerous of hearing resulting in severe pain.

How Should Hoard Wax Be Removed?

There aren’t any home remedies to get rid of the accumulated wax. Using wax solving ear drops also doesn’t help because the wax absorbs the drops and swells up leading to more pain and loss of hearing. You need to visit an ENT specialist who will have appropriate instruments to remove the wax.

Is Wax Removal Painful?

If done using syringing or wax hooks, several people complain of pain and are apprehensive about going back for ear cleaning that includes further complications. With the advent of microscopes and endoscopes with magnification, wax removal is a breeze and might be achieved without pain or discomfort. So, feel free to visit, Find & consult best ENT specialist in Lahore, Karachi & other main cities of Pakistan for your ear check-ups at least once a year.

Here are 4 reasons to never use cotton swabs to scrub your ears again

Earwax Is Useful

Earwax contains a few helpful functions besides being gross. It has antibacterial qualities to forestall infections, it operates as an insectifuge or insects repellent to keep bugs out of your ears, and it helps to lubricate the ear canal, which prevents drying out & itchy skin.

Cotton Swabs Throws Earwax Up Against The Eardrum

Using cotton swabs is very dangerous. Once you force any foreign object into the external auditory canal, you’re moving most of the earwax up against the eardrum. This can rupture the eardrum or can cause an impaction that will result in deafness.

Earwax Removes Itself

The ear is designed to remove its own earwax. The normal or regular movements of your jaw, from talking, eating, or yawning will push the earwax to the outer ear. All that called from you, for you is normal showering and cleaning the outer ear with a cloth.

Excessive Earwax Removal Causes Dryness

Earwax has lubricating and antibacterial characteristics, so if you eliminate too much, you’ll have a dried out, itchy feeling and will be more liable to infections.

if you’re having problems with an excessive amount of earwax or you’re having hassle hearing, it’s always best to seek the advice from a Best ENT at MARHAM’s Forum, and if cleaning is all that’s needed, you’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that it’s being done properly.

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