4 Reasons of Unpleasant Hiccups(ہچکی) Sounds

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Hiccups are the unpleasant sounds which suddenly arise from your throat in the result of unusual contraction of the diaphragm. Mostly people face embarrassing situation due to these unpleasant sounds without knowing the reason. If you are also suffering from hiccups chronically you can consult the best physician in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or any other main city of Pakistan via Marham. Here we can help you to tell about the reason for hiccups. Just read following words.

Eating Pattern:

You know your eating pattern does not only show your social ethics but also affect your health status. Your diaphragm undergoes unusual contractions when you eat too much, too fast or take high spicy or irritating things. And unusual contraction of diaphragm produces the sounds of hiccups.

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Emotional State:

Sometimes your high emotions cause the heart and diaphragm to make some more contraction which produces hiccups sounds. In high excitement or anxiety, you can experience these sounds. Do not forget to relax and take a deep breath in these situations to relieve hiccups.

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Bad Habits:

Bad habits of alcohol drinking and tobacco smoking are health hazards, and everyone knows this fact. But maybe this is a news for you that these two things are also a reason for hiccups. Smoking and alcoholism act as irritants and cause diaphragm contraction which produces hiccups sounds. If you are an addict of any type of drugs immediately leave it or take help from a psychiatrist in Lahore or Karachi, as these cities have high rates of drug addicts, through Marham.

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Medical Conditions:

Sometimes the sounds of hiccups are symptoms of some hidden medical disorders. The tumor inside your abdomen or central nervous tissue or the stroke may be the reason behind the hiccups. In past, if you had some abdominal surgery to get rid of some serious issue, maybe some amendments due to that surgery are causing these sounds. So if the hiccups are often and stay for more than an hour you should consult the physician.

  • Immediately try to cure your hiccups sounds to face some embracing situation and to save others to feel odd and discomfort in your company.
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