4 Reasons You Should Avoid Eating Dairy

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There are only a few people who got dairy out of their diet otherwise everyone is fond of it. People think dairy is nature’s perfect food but based on researches, some doctor typically advises most of the patients to avoid dairy products completely. You must be in a shock because for whom it is easy to cut off ice cream, cheese, and frozen yogurt completely. At least not for me! But yet I can’t deny the fact because there are many ill-effects of the diary and to make it clearer. Here I’m listing 4 reasons you should avoid eating dairy at all cost.

1.Heart Disease:

Have you ever enjoyed your burger without cheese? Of course not! Cheese is the best thing you can get in your burger but do you know all that cheese strike very hard with cholesterol and unsaturated fat to your diet. In fact, not only cheese but milk and all other dairy products do the same. That’s why dairy products increase your risk of getting heart diseases, allergies, and also type I diabetes.

2. Constipation:

Fiber is very much important for your diet. It has all the right reasons to be consumed daily. However, milk and cheese have no fiber, which often causes constipation in children and in adults as well. To help ease your constipation eat a plant-based diet (rich in whole foods).

3. Most People Are Lactose Intolerant:

You may have no idea but about 75% of the world’s population is genetically unable to properly digest milk and other dairy products. This problem is called lactose intolerance. If you too have problems like bloating, gas, cramps, irritable bowel syndrome, vomiting, and diarrhea then you can also be one of those people who are lactose intolerant. Consult with the physician for a detailed examination of your symptoms.

4. Dairy Increases Your Risk Of Cancer:

According to research, high intakes of calcium and other dairy products may increase a man’s risk of prostate cancer by 30-50%. Also, a high consumption of dairy increases the body’s level of insulin-like growth factor-1, which is a known cancer promoter.

If you’ve experienced any problems consuming dairy, you can understand why is it important to avoid eating dairy products. Encourage yourself to go dairy-free for the sake of good health. To get more information visit Marham.pk and can consult with the Dietitian.

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