4 Reliable Tips for Solid Food Introduction to Babies

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If your baby is now 4 to 6 months old and can hold his head or sit with little help, now maybe he is also trying to eat from your plate. So it’s time to add some solid food to his diet plan. If you are perplexed about the thing that how to start solid food for baby, we are here to help you with some of the tried and tested tips in this regard.

Try Soft Foods First:

Baby is going to start solid foods but it does not mean he can chew the things you can chew. So try soft things first. Most parents choose cereal as the first baby food. But boiled and mashed fresh vegetables or fruits also can be chosen. Just make it sure that food is properly boiled, easy to grip for baby and soft enough to engulf.

Little is Enough:

Your baby is taking most of the nutrients from mother milk so it is not needed to give him a heavy meal. Few bites of soft and easy to engulf food are enough for a baby’s requirement. Overeating in start can cause gastric problems in babies. If your baby is suffering from such issue you should consult child specialist immediately. You can take an appointment online from a child specialist in Karachi via Marham.


Take Care Of Result:

In the start, you are not aware of the foods which little stomach will accept or can cause some problem. Yes, some soft foods like boiled eggs and bananas are not safe for your little eater. He may be allergic to egg or banana may cause a gastric problem. You can take help from a nutritionist for asking best diet for your child. For booking an appointment online with the best nutritionist in Islamabad you can log on to Marham.

Foods to Avoid:

Yes there are some foods which should be not given to babies. Cow milk, honey, and hard brittle foods are not safe for baby so try to avoid until the age of one year.

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Tayyaba Waris
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