4 Serious Complications Can Result Through Rhinitis.

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What is Rhinitis?

It is an allergic disease that is the most vital one. Pollen is the main reason for this allergy but we cannot specify it as the only reason. Some people are allergic to dust, brightening light and seasonal allergy as well. In this allergy, the patient suffers from running nose and irritation in the eyes. There are other symptoms of this allergy too which can be severe. Other than this Rhinitis can create further complications as well. Let’s find out the possible complications and symptoms of rhinitis.


Allergies are always a headache and it can barely allow you to do anything the same is the case of rhinitis allergy. Here are some major symptoms of this allergy.

    • Sneezing.
    • Irritation in eyes.
    • Running nose.
    • Running eyes.
    • Redness and itchiness.
    • Dark circles and sleep disorder.
    • A headache.
    • Fatigue and anxiety.


This allergy can lead to severe complication if not treated in time. There is another bitter reality that allergies have no permanent treatment.

Sleeping disorder.

If rhinitis is not treated is not treated on time then it may cause the sleeping disorder. Obviously how one can take a good sleep with watery eyes and running nose. This order can further lead to anxiety and depression because of unhealthy sleep time.

Ear infection.

Nose, head, and ear are connected to each other. So if any of it gets in trouble ultimately it will disturb other parts too. Similarly, it can cause ear infection and excessive wax too. In severe cases, odorless fluid can also run out of the ear.

Sinus infection.

Rhinitis is yet a bit easy to handle but it cannot be possible in the case of a sinus infection. In other words, sinus infection is an upgraded form of rhinitis. In this infection nasal cavity can get infected, swell and blocked. A patient can hardly breathe in such a situation. So if rhinitis allergy is not treated on time then it can be upgraded.

rhinitis infection

A frequent Headache.

It can lead to a frequent headache which actually means all day and all night your head is hitting by a hammer and you are helpless. If you are suffering from any of the complications do not hesitate to consult with a good ENT specialist.
Rhinitis is treatable at all. With proper medication and food, you can get rid of this allergy. There are only a few cases that remain untreated for whole life.


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