4 Steps to Make your Eyes Happy at Work Place

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Nowadays every working person has to spend some time in front of a computer screen and many are totally glued to it for an entire working shift. Prolonged screen time takes a toll on your eyes and you end up with red, watery and tired eyes. You are bound to feel miserable and skeptic about your eye health.
To your relief, there are no such findings that support any permanent damage to eyesight due to computer usage but tiredness and other visual symptoms may appear from time to time. These can be minimized by wearing protective glasses, adjusting screen brightness and some other measures as mentioned below:

Wear Right Lens:

If your near vision is affected always wear proper lens according to your requirement. Doing this you will end up many problems before these arise like astigmatism, blurry vision and watery eyes. To get yourself a perfect lens visit the best ophthalmologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan using marham.pk.
work place
work place

Adjust Light:

If your workplace has excess bright lights it can lead to stress on your eyes. Always adjust lights and computer screen so as the light is coming from sides and not from front or back. Suggest for low-intensity tubes and bulbs instead of fluorescent lights.

Take Short Breaks:

Break every spell of one hour workshop on screen with a 10 sec pause. The rule is to focus on anything that is 10 foot away for 10 seconds. Taking a break from the screen, using the anti-glare screen and wearing glasses with anti-reflective coating all go a long way in protecting your eyes from stress at work.

Eye Exercises:

Incorporate a few exercises into your day and you will feel your eyes refreshed and relaxed in seconds. Try eye rolling, palming, pressing your temples and focusing on distant objects to replenish your productivity and strengthen your eye muscles.

Eat for your Eyes:

A well-balanced diet rich in DHA and omega-3 enhances your vision and supports your eye health. It also prevents clouding of lens and nerve damage in the eyes. Pumpkin seeds, watermelon, and carrots contain vitamin A which is good for eye health. Coconut also protects and improves vision.
work place
work place
Eyes are your windows into this colorful world. Take care of these and enjoy all the bright hues and sparkling shades of the story called life.

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