4 Strategies For Caregivers To Relieve Stress

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Providing comfort to others and taking care of a person in need is indeed a great task. But at times, it takes toll on a health of a caregiver as they get too involved in fulfilling others need that they completely forget their own health and comfort. This situation gets worse when a caregiver gets too involved with a patient and has little control over their situation.

How can a person identify Caregivers stress?

Well, there are some quite obvious symptoms to identify caregiver stress such as:

  1. Overreacting on minor issues
  2. Trouble sleeping
  3. Lack of concentration
  4. Feeling tired and lethargic
  5. Acute depression and Anxiety
  6. Isolation
  7. Neglecting responsibilities

Caregiver needs a time out too to vent out what they had been going through and should adopt some strategies to relieve Care giving stress.

First take care of yourself

Care giving can make you exhaust physically, mentally and emotionally. You need to accept this that you can only look after others if your health is up to the mark. You can’t neglect your own needs to fulfill others’ as it can leave negative impact on your health. Sleep well, Eat healthy, Incorporate Exercise in your lifestyle and express your emotional and mental thoughts to your psychiatrist if you face persistent resentment, anger or anxiousness.

Take Help

It’s alright to accept help from your friends, family and even neighbors. It can help you take a time out to regain all the energy back. It will lighten your load and you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

Stay linked

In order to stay fresh and updated regarding your surroundings you need to make a conscious effort to stay connected with your environment. Talk to your friends and family. If you want to share what you have been going through you can take assistance from multiple social support groups online. Just be aware of what is happening around you so that you don’t feel disconnected with your environment.

Pick a hobby

If you like gardening, painting, singing or writing a diary you should not leave what you really like to do. Even if walking a pet to a garden can help you relax. It will help you maintain your interests outside your role as a caretaker.

If you feel persistent anxiety, depression, frustration or lack of concentration you need to ask for help from a psychiatrist to help you come out of this situation.

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