4 Things to Avoid when Visiting an Infant

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Newborn in a family or in near relatives always takes special protocol and must visit from everyone. It is good to visit the family with a newborn to welcome that little angel but do you know some things should be avoided in this special visit? Following words will convince you surely.

Perfumes and Cosmetics:

Maybe you are habitual of spraying perfumes and applying cosmetics to get ready for a visit. It is good but not for the visit to a newborn.

newborn visit ethics

He is delicate enough and chemicals of perfumes, body sprays, and cosmetics can act as an allergen for gentle skin and fragile respiratory system of a  newborn. In result, he may get mild to a chronic skin or respiratory infection. If you are searching for some good specialist for these problems of your newborn you can find the best child specialist in Karachi and other main cities through Marham.pk.

Visiting with an Allergy:

If you are suffering from some kind of allergic reaction or some contagious disease than surely avoid to visit the newborn baby. You are a reservoir of the allergen or disease-causing germs which can transfer to that little one. His immune system is not strong enough to fight against invading germs or allergens and may lead to deadly health issues. So stay at home and delay visit till you are perfectly fine.

Excessive Touching:

It is common practice during the visit that everyone wants to take a newborn in his lap, touch his cheeks and kiss a lot. It is your affectionate love but again this practice can put him on the stake of allergic response and skin rashes so try to avoid this and wait until his skin well built to bear excessive touch.

newborn care

Long Visiting Time:

Long visiting hours are not good in general ethics but for a visit to a newborn, it becomes even worst. Mother and newborn both need rest, other visitors are also there to visit or mother has to feed the baby and all these activities will be hindered by your presence for a long time. So leave the place soon.

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If you find some problem or obscure situation during the visit, try to solve it and avoid discussing it with others as it is against ethics.

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