4 Tips To Get Relief From Pre-Winter Fever And Flu.

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“Winter is coming”. No, here I’m not talking about the new season of “Game of Throne”. Actually, winter is around the corner so buckle up for it. There would be hardly anyone who does not like winter season. All the yummy nuts and cozy clothes are favorite. But hey! Before anything else let me remind you that you are going to suffer from a cough, flu, and fever before this season.

To avoid these basic troubles we have some really basic solutions for you. By some minor yet effective remedies, you can get rid of pre-winter fever really quickly. So have a look.

Personal hygiene Care

In this season take some special care of personal hygiene because germs are more active. Take shower every morning and do not share your personal stuff even with a family like a towel, soup, and other things as well. Make sure that you are brushing twice a day and not letting the germs remain in your mouth for long.

Proper medication.

In fever, take proper medication. It is common that if you are taking antibiotics then you will good right away. You may think that you do not need much medicine but it is important to complete you 3 days course. Otherwise, it will not be going to help anyway.

Honey and cinnamon.

Honey and cinnamon tea is a magical remedy for a cough and flu. It can help in the relief of itchy throat and block nose. Obviously, this drink is not tasteless as well so it can help you in fixing the mouth sore as well. During fever, we don’t feel like eating or drinking anything so this drink can release your mood swings as well.

Slow down the AC.

It’s some kind of in-between weather. It is good to slow down the AC. If you are feeling cool then you must turn back to fans only. AC can trigger the fever more.
Take care of yourself if you really want to enjoy the upcoming season. Do not forget to consult with a good general physician in Karachi or Islamabad from Marham.pk

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