4 Types of Physical Pain that is known to be Related with Emotional Pain

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We often feel pain when we get hit by something or get injured, whereas pain that is linked to our emotions is often neglected. Emotions play a very important role in person’s overall health and have a direct effect on our body. There are a lot of pains that are directly connected to the emotional state of a person.

Our body responds according to our emotional state. Happy hormones make our body feel relaxed but if a person is stressed out or unhappy it releases hormones that make us feel low, depressed and sometimes body ache can start too. If depression is taking a toll on your health book an appointment or an online consultation with the best psychologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

Following are some of the body aches that are commonly known to be connected to our emotional state:

A Headache:

The most common pain that is attached to our emotional state is a headache. When a person is stressed out, overly exhausted, he/she often complains of a headache. Too much pressure on a person can lead to a severe headache.


In this situation a person should try to immediately divert his/her attention towards a thing that he/she likes such as riding a bike, going out for a walk, watching a television show, listening to music etc.

Pain in Shoulders/Neck:

This pain is again connected to the emotional state of a person. People who usually keep on thinking about problems, be it be of their past or present often mentions about pain in their shoulders or neck. For people who don’t let go off things easily suffer from this painful experience where neck and shoulder’s veins seem to be pulled. If you are suffering from frozen shoulder book an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon for its treatment. Marham can help you find and consult with the best orthopedic surgeon in Lahore, Karachi or any other main city of Pakistan.

Additionally, a person should try to think positive and let go off things that hurt. The future holds better for those who forgive and forget.

Burdened Shoulder:

We often face a situation, when we don’t feel like sharing our problems with anyone and take all it burden upon ourselves. In this scenario, a person might feel pain in shoulders. It feels like as if someone has put a heavy weight on our shoulders.

shoulder pain

To get rid of it a person needs to understand that he/she alone can’t take out a solution of every problem on its own, little help from others doesn’t harm. Though sharing a burden of thoughts makes our emotional state better.

Pain in Back:

It is one of those pains that are again linked with stress, usually a stress because of work or financial pressure. It can be reduced if a person plans beforehand and make sure that everything is planned beforehand.

One should try to be happy and keep the nerves under control. A stable emotional state is very vital for the healthy life of a person. If a person feels constant and persistent pain in neck, head, back or shoulders, Doctor should be contacted immediately.

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