4 Vaccine Preventable Diseases

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Around the globe, all humans are surrounded by deadly diseases and many take their last breath in hospitals due to some deadly infection. But many diseases and infections can be avoided. Vaccines are special drugs which prepare your body to fight infection when it invades you. Many diseases are eradicated from the planet just due to proper vaccination. Here we enlisted few others which you can avoid by taking intimate dose.


It is a bacterial infection that causes lockjaw, breathing problems, muscle spasms, paralysis, and eventually death. The bacteria that causes tetanus resides in soil, dust, and manure. It can enter in a body through a cut or open sore. Mostly in roadside accidents, a little wound give this bacteria an entry path,10% to 20% of tetanus cases are fatal. So it is quite necessary to get vaccinated against this bacteria.

Hepatitis B:

A liver disease caused by the hepatitis B virus is termed as hepatitis B. People with hepatitis B have the causative agent in their blood and other body fluids like saliva. Sexual intercourse and contaminated syringes also spread this virus. It also passes from mother to child. Hepatitis B is 100 times more infectious than HIV so it is really needed to get a vaccination against this contagious ailment. If you, unfortunately, are a victim of this or any other liver disorder log on to Marham.pk to consult the best hepatologist in Karachi, Lahore or any main city of Pakistan.

Hepatitis B


This viral infection gives people swollen salivary glands, fever, headache, and muscle aches. When someone with mumps coughs or sneezes, the virus gets into the air, by breathing in this contaminated air others can get an infection. It can lead to long-lasting health problems, including meningitis and deafness. But the potent vaccine is available to protect you.

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Poliovirus is the dangerous one as it causes chronic brain infection which leads to lifelong paralysis. Poliovirus resides in the intestines. One can get infected by coming into contact with a sick person’s feces. In many countries it is non-existent but in ours, it still exists. Vaccination of all children under 5 year’s of age is necessary to kick out this paralyzing infection.


Vaccination is not harmful in any way. It is quite safe and protects you in the best way.

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