4 Waterborne Bacterial Diseases

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If you have an access to clean water for drinking, consider yourself blessed. In developing countries, a lot of people don’t have access to clean water and they get to suffer from chronic diseases such as Cholera and Dysentery.

Contamination of water can be due to the presence of any virus or bacteria in the water. Waterborne diseases mainly occur due to contaminated water; either a person drinks it or swims in it. There are many diseases that can occur due to the impure water such as:


One of the most common diseases caused by unhygienic water is Bacillary Dysentery. The person in this condition suffers from fever, abdominal cramps and in extreme cases diarrhea. A major cause of its occurrences is in those regions where there is poor sanitation system and a chance of water getting impure is much higher.
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It’s an extreme case of dehydration that can make a patient lethargic. A person feels acute nausea and diarrhea. It happens when drainage system of the area is in adverse condition and sewage water gets mixed with drinking water.

Hepatitis A:

Drinking impure water can greatly damage the liver. In Hepatitis A size of liver increases. One of the major reasons for getting Hepatitis is contaminated water. To book an appointment with the best hepatologist in Karachi, Lahore or any other main city of Pakistan visit Marham.pk.


One of the major waterborne diseases is Malaria. A mosquito that thrives on stagnant water transmits this disease in a human body. A person suffering from it suffers from extreme shivering along with fever, nausea, body pains and acute vomiting.

There are quite a lot of waterborne diseases such as Gastroenteritis, Typhoid, And Food poisoning etc. In order to get rid of these diseases, water should be saved from contamination.

Following are the major causes of Water contamination:

  • Water Pollution:

People throw waste of their homes in water i.e. Plastic bags, garbage etc.

  • Industrial Waste:

Toxic chemicals are wasted in water making it poisonous to drink. Heavy metal is thrown into the water by industries can make water poisonous.

  • Animal Waste:

If animal waste gets into contact with water, it can make water pollutant and full of bacteria

  • Uncovered Water:

Drinkable water is when left uncovered can get exposed to flies, mosquitoes, and bugs making water unfavorable to drink.

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  • Stagnant Water:

It’s a home of mosquitoes as it provides a favorable condition for mosquitoes to breed there.

  • Poor Sanitation System:

If sanitation system is not regulated, then there is a high chance of human and animal wastes to get mixed with drinkable water. Its miserable and it affects many people around the globe.
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Water is a basic necessity of life, it’s essential for the survival of a human. It is a right of every human to get clean water. Prevention is better than cure. Various campaigns should be run all across Pakistan especially in rural areas to create awareness regarding waterborne diseases and how one can prevent those diseases from happening:

Prevention is always better than cure!

  • BOIL WATER! Boiling helps in destroying germs in water
  • Get filters in the houses
  • Carry your own water bottle while traveling
  • Don’t drink from an open water source
  • Wash your hands before eating food
  • Install water purification system in the house
  • Keep water covered
  • Use mosquito repellents, coils to get rid of malaria-carrying mosquitoes
  • Before taking shower, mix antiseptic such as Dettol to kill germs in the water
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