4 Ways To Avoid Side Effects Of Radiotherapy

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In this scientific era radiotherapy is used to treat the wide range of abnormalities from skin scars to cancer. It is really a marvelous technology and works for satisfying results. But it still has some side effects. Don’t be afraid of those unwanted effects, these can be avoided. Read how can you minimize the side effects of this therapy?

Side Effects of Radiotherapy:

If a person is getting treatment by the effective radiations, he will surely suffer some side effects. Some effects appear soon and some take a little time. Both are narrated here.

Early Side Effects:

In this category, those side effects are listed which happen during or shortly after treatment. These side effects tend to be short-term, mild, and go soon. They may be following;

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  • Fatigue
  • Skin changes
  • Changes in a special area which is treated

Late Side Effects:

Some effects wait for some time and visit the person after the months or even years of radiotherapy. The severity and location of late side effects appearance depend on the area treated as well as the radiation dose that was used. Late side effects may be;

  • Some permanent change in skin texture
  • Abnormality in structure or function of organ which is treated
  • Cancer onset
  • DNA mutation

Ways To Avoid These Side Effects:

Following strategies can be used to avoid or at least reduce the evil effects of radiotherapy;

Get Plenty of Rest:

Try to get good, restful sleep and more time on bed help the person to fight against fatigue and improve recovery rate.

Eat Healthy Diet:

A healthy diet helps to build new cells which are lost during radiotherapy. Depending on the part of the body getting radiation, your cancer care team may suggest changes in your diet. To consult the best radiologist in Lahore or Islamabad you can log on to Marham.

Take Care of Skin:

If you get external radiation therapy, the skin of that area may become more sensitive or look sunburned. Ask your cancer care team before for special soaps, lotions, deodorants, medicines, perfumes, cosmetics, powder, or some other products to reduce that effect.

Be Careful In Using Any Medication or Chemical:

During radiation certain medication or chemical product which you were previously using can be dangerous. So be careful in this regard and take advice from your doctor first.

  • We hope that taking these points into consideration during and after a radiation therapy you will be as normal as before.

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