4 Ways To Get Immediate Relief In Ankle Sprain

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You may have heard about the term sprain or ankle sprain. It is quite common and many of you might have already experienced this at some stage of your life. It happens when a joint gets twisted and injured the ligaments that connect the bones in the joints. We say sprain in a short way for saying you have torn or overstretched muscle. Ankle sprains can be caused by running or strolling on uneven ground, wearing high-heel shoes, lifting heavy weights and because of mishaps. A sprain can run from mild to extreme. Serious sprains will require medical care and for this, you can visit Marham.pk, where you can easily get an online appointment with the best orthopedic in Karachi.

You can treat a mild ankle sprain effortlessly at home with some simple home cures. So, here are 4 ways to get immediate relief.

1. Rest And Protection:

Resting and protection is the best thing you can do at first. Try not to put weight on your sprained ankle at least for 48 hours. If you try to put weight on your ankle, this will only make the damage worse.

Remedies for Ankle sprain
Remedies for Ankle sprain

2. Apply Ice Pack:

Icing is the cheap, efficient, and easy cure to get instant relief in an ankle sprain. You can apply an ice pack to the sprained ankle. This will help you to reduce pain and keep swelling to a minimum. It is the best way to get immediate treatment after the injury occurs. You can repeat the process multiple times in a day to get a speedy recovery.

3. Compression:

Apply compression wrap to reduce swelling and inflammation. You can apply elastic wraps, clean bandages or splint for immediate relief and protection. You should wear compression for at least 36 hours to get positive effects and immediate relief. To find and consult with the best physiotherapist in Islamabad, you can visit Marham.pk.

4. Elevation:

Keep your leg elevated, it will encourage the blood to flow better around your leg. It is also effective in reducing swelling, inflammation, and pain. Try to keep it above the level of your heart by using a pillow.

Remedies for Ankle sprain
Remedies for Ankle sprain

If you feel severe pain in your sprained ankle, then immediately go and see the doctor. Without treatment, a severe sprain can make your ankle weak. And with a weak ankle, there is a risk of getting injured again.

So make sure you see a doctor and for this, you can visit Marham.pk, where you can find and consult with the best doctors in Pakistan.

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