4 Worst Types Of Shoes For Your Feet

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We ladies all go for perfection. We can hardly compromise on our looks and this fact is sometimes bitter. Same is the case when we got ready for even a casual party. From lip gloss to shoes everything must be perfect. But for perfection, we can compromise our health too.
There is no goodness in compromising health for self-desires and fashion. Comfortable shoes can give you comfortable health. There are some shoes that can ruin your feet’s health. You can really sick too. Let’s find out the most dangerous shoes for your feet and encourage to avoid wearing them.


Though pumps really look comfortable “all that glitter is not gold”. Pumps can be harmful to your feet because it cannot absorb the shock. This is a long-term problem and can make issues such as stress fracture or thickening of nerves. Same is the case with ballet flats. As they are not thick so cannot protect you from cold and stab.

High heels.

Though it is one of the most favorite shoes by ladies it can directly harm the bone and skin of feet. It can make you out of balance easily which is as harmful as losing a leg. Muscle pain and spinal pain can also be the cause of using high heels. The reason behind the unhealthiness of these shoes is the posture they are made up of is totally uneven.


Wedges are in fashion again. They look very comfortable and classy. But the bitter reality by wedges is they are very much same as high heels in terms of unhealthiness. You cannot wear it more often. It can cause a muscle pull as well. Some ladies can experience thickness in other body parts as well. In case of any serious bone injury, you can consult with a good orthopedic surgeon. 


Stilettos can be the cause of ankle sprain. Ankle sprain the twist of ankle bone and it can be really hurtful. Actually, it put all the weight of the body on the ankle and thus causes trouble.

Try to use simple flats. It is not a difficult task to find good and classy flats these days. Fashion is not all about ruining the health for some unimportant reason.

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