5 Bacterial Species Responsible for Food Poisoning

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Everybody has had the experience of eating food and later becoming sick once or more in a lifetime. This is called food poisoning. The symptoms may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomach pains
  • Diarrhea
  • Feeling weak
  • Fever or chills/sweating
  • A headache

You know why it happens? Many people know the answer, due to bacteria. But do you know how many types of bacteria can cause stomach problems? Maybe only some know, for others following lines will be helpful.


These bacteria are found on the skin, in sores, infected eyes and in the nose, throat, saliva, and in the bowel of humans. Staphylococci do not cause illness until they get onto food, grow there and multiply. While they are doing this they produce a toxin which not destroyed even by cooking the food. Symptoms of Staphylococcus food poisoning usually appear between 1 and 8 hours after eating the infected food.

causes of food poisoning


There are hundreds of different types of salmonella bacteria but not all are harmful to humans. They are found mainly in the intestines, bowels, and feces of humans and other animals.

Salmonella food poisoning takes up to 48 hours to develop after the food is eaten, and may last between 3 and 21 days.

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These bacteria are found in the soil and in the intestines of animals, including cattle, poultry, fish, and humans. Clostridium caused food poisoning is important to know about because these bacteria are common in the environment. Symptoms occur about 12 hours after eating the contaminated food with this bacterium and are similar but usually less severe than the other types. One type of clostridium bacteria produces a very serious food poisoning called botulism. symptoms of food poisoning


These bacteria are found in many animals including dogs, cats, cattle, and poultry. The sources of infection from these bacteria are usually these animals and their infected waste or food. It is a serious disease in indigenous communities because of the possibility of dehydration from diarrhea. To treat diarrhea or any other stomach issue you can take online help from best stomach doctors in Karachi, or ask top dietitian in Karachi about appropriate foods in stomach conditions via Marham.pk.

Food poisoning may seem a mild problem, but it can take your breath by causing grave dehydration, so get medical help as soon as possible.

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