5 Best Dermatologists in Lahore

5 Best Dermatologists in Lahore
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Dermatology is medical field that is concerned with hair, skin, nails and the diseases related to them. Some common disease related to dermatology are acne, eczema, skin cancer, chicken pox, and measles. The main issue with the people in Lahore is that they are unaware of the symptoms, causes, and treatments of the disease that affect them. It is important to have the knowledge of the best dermatologist that can guide in the right way.
Below are the best dermatologists in Lahore, a person can easily know about them, and get an online appointment;

1. Dr. Rabia Ahsan

Dr. Rabia Ahsan is an experienced and well versed professional. She has a lot of experience in dealing with skin related issues. She is a laser specialist, hence she is up to date with all the medical advancements. There are many new techniques to cure the diseases, which can increase the chances of survival by a large margin. It is easy to book an online appointment with Doctor Rabia Ahsan, she sits at her own clinic in model town.

2. Dr. Abdul Hameed

Dr. Abdul Hameed is a very well educated and experienced doctor, he is a cosmetic surgeon. He has a very strong portfolio of satisfied patients, which has put him on our list. His services are in mole removal, removing scars from acne, and hair removal by laser. He sits in Kozmatics, it is easy to book an online appointment with Doctor Abdul Hameed, before going for a checkup.

3. Dr. Yawar

Dr. Yawar is a very competent doctor and has a lot of experience. His skills are in general surgery and plastic and reconstructive surgery. There are very few doctors with such expertise, which can be really helpful for the people. There are many cases related to the reconstructive issue in Lahore, but very few doctors which can do it. He sits at Farooq hospital. Anyone can book an online appointment with Doctor Yawar, before visiting him, in order to avoid the hassle.

4. Dr. Kamran Khalid

Doctor Kamran Khalid has a very strong portfolio and positive feedback from his patients. He specializes in plastic surgery, so any individual who wants the hair transplant, skin related surgeries or other dermatological issues can book an online appointment with Doctor Kamran Khalid. He sits at Hameed Latif Hospital.

5. Dr. Moazzam Hanif

Dr. Moazzam Hanif is a well-known doctor and has a lot of experience in dermatology. He is aware of all the skin related diseases and it’s effective treatment. A person can consult about any dermatological problem, or can have a second opinion. There are a lot of patients who are satisfied with his work. He sits at American Laser Clinic, and it is easy to book an online appointment with Doctor Moazzam Hanif.

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