5 Best Eye Specialists In Pakistan

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Eyes are one of the precious gifts from God. Better the vision you have, better you can realize the importance of life. Thousands of people suffer from eye ailments and the major reason is poor hygiene. Our eye daily gets exposure to unhealthy sun rays, pollution, infections, chronic diseases and dust. This may cause viruses and other diseases too.
In Pakistan, the daily amount of patients with eye diseases are increasing. People are also having trouble finding authentic Eye Specialists that won’t waste their money. For this purpose there are some best of best Eye Specialists that can help you in a tremendous way. No, your eyes do matter than any other thing. You can also book an appointment with the best Eye specialist in Islamabad from Marham.pk.

Top Eye Specialists In Pakistan

Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Shaikh

He is a highly qualified eye specialist and currently serving at The Eye Clinic Karachi. Prof. Dr. Aurangzeb Shaikh has specialized experience in LASIK, Lens implants, glaucoma surgery, orbital surgery, and corneal surgery. Other than this he has more than 13-years experience in teaching and training.

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Prof. Dr. Huma Kayani

Prof. Dr. Huma Kayani is a highly qualified and well-experienced eye doctor. She is currently practicing in Dr. Huma Kayani Clinic Lahore. Her specialties include orbital surgery, lens implants, PRK, LASIK, laser eye surgery and other eye diseases. She has served thousands of patients with generous behavior. You can also book an appointment with the best Eye specialist in Karachi from Marham.pk.

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Dr. Adeel Randhawa

Dr. Adeel Randhawa is a highly qualified eye specialist. He is currently working at Chugtai Medical Center Lahore. He has served patients with YAG, LASIK, lacrimal surgery, argon, laser surgery, and refractive surgery. His generous behavior is the reason behind his progress.

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Dr. Usman Imtiaz

Dr. Usman Imtiaz is a highly qualified eye specialist. He is currently serving in Chugtai Medical Center. He is well experienced in Yag, Lasik, FEMTO Lasik, diabetic retinopathy, Laser eye surgery and corneal surgery.

Top Eye Specialists In Pakistan

Dr. Waseem Iqbal

He is a well- experienced eye surgeon and currently practicing in Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore. Dr. Waseem Iqbal is specialized in Cataract surgery, Vitreo Retinal surgery, Refractive surgery, Avastin, and laser eye surgery. He has served up to 20,00 patients with cataract surgery.

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