5 Best Gastroenterologists in Lahore

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A Gastroenterologist is a trained and experienced doctor that deals with diseases of gastrointestinal tract and liver. Increasing the number of the liver, stomach and intestinal diseases are very common these days. An increasing number of diseases also need immediate, best, and easy access to Gastroenterologists. Taking the example of a minor problem like heartburn then one must need to consult with Gastroenterologists immediately.

In Lahore city, one can easily find the best Restaurant but find the best Gastroenterologist that you can trust can be difficult. Here are some best Gastroenterologist in Lahore that you can visit and trust.

1. Dr. Salman Javed

Dr. Salman Javed is a qualified Gastroenterologist in Lahore, Pakistan. He is currently practicing in Hameed Latif Hospital and Omar Hospital and Cardiac Center. His specialties jaundice, Gastroscopy, Endoscopy, Biopsy, Proctoscopy, and black stool.

Best Gastroenterologists

2. Dr. Mehreen Zaman Niazi

Dr. Mehreen Zaman Niazi is a qualified Gastroenterologist in Lahore and hepatologist. Currently, she is practicing in Doctor’s Diagnostic Lab and Consultants. Her specialties include Hepatitis treatment, gastric/liver diseases, endoscopy, colonoscopy, heartburn and black stool. He also practices at Chugtai Medical Center.

Best Gastroenterologists

3. Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nasir

Dr. Muhammad Bilal Nasir is a qualified Gastroenterologist in Lahore and currently working at Doctor Hospital and Lahore Specialist Clinic. He is a specialist of ERCP, black stool, Biopsy, Digital Rectal Examination, and Manometry. He has also done specialized training in infectious disease from Srilanka and Thailand.

Best Gastroenterologists

4. Dr. Mujahid Israr

Dr. Mujahid Israr is a well-qualified doctor and Gastroenterologist in Lahore. Currently, he is working in Omar Hospital and National Hospital Lahore. He has two specializations that are Gastroenterology & Medicine. Also, he has 10 years of experience in this field. His specialties include Acidity, Ulcer, Upper Gi Bleed, Hepatitis, Hypertension, and Colonoscopy.

Best Gastroenterologists

5. Dr. Hassan Suleman Malik

Dr. Hassan Suleman Malik is a qualified Gastroenterologist in Lahore and currently working at Al-Shafi Hospital Lahore. He treats in Pediatric Nutrition, Growth, Childhood Vaccination, black stool, Biopsy and Endoscopic Guided Ultrasound.

Best Gastroenterologists

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