5 Best Gynecologists in Lahore

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Gynecology is a vast field. There is a number of diseases, ambiguities, and ailments come under its umbrella. From mother care to babies’ health women always need help from a gynecologist. Even from puberty till elderly age a gynecologist is just like a friend to a woman. But not all gynecologist are trustworthy because there are many sensitive issues that can be handled with good care.

In this article, you can find the best Gynecologists in Lahore city and get rid of many hassles. Take good steps to choose your gynecologist because it is all about you and your family’s health. Let’s have a look at the best gynecologists that can help you with the best services.

Here is The List of Top 5 Gynecologists / Gynaecologists in Lahore:

1)Dr. Nazli Hameed

She is a highly qualified and well-experienced gynecologist. Currently Dr. Nazli Hameed in national hospital. Her specialties include menstruation disorder, infertility, pelvic pain, miscarriage, gynecologic tumor and other women issues. Above all, she is very generous and retired from Pakistan Army.


2)Dr. Misbah Malik

Dr. Misbah Malik is a qualified gynecologist and currently serving at Iqra Medical Complex and Jinnah Hospital Lahore. She is best serving in the treatment of infertility, PCOS, gynecologic cancer, weight reduction, and hormonal imbalance.


3)Dr. Saima Zaki

She is a highly qualified doctor and gynecologist at Iqra Medical Complex. Dr. Saima Zaki has extensive experience in tubal ligation, PMS, oncology, menstrual pain, PCOS, sexual dysfunction and painless delivery. She is also very generous in her behavior.


4)Dr. Shysta Shoukat

Dr. Shysta Shoukat is a highly qualified gynecologist at Iqra medical complex. Her specialties include labor, infertility treatment, delivery, genetic testing, clinical breast examination, NST, and tubal ligation. She is honored to serve thousands of patients with satisfactory results.


5)Dr. Rabia Wajid

Dr. Rabia Wajid is a well experienced and highly qualified doctor. She is currently practicing at Hameed Latif Hospital. She has 19 years of experience in the field of gynecology. Her specialties include pregnancy issues, hormonal issues, infertility treatment and PCOS.


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