5 Best Orthopedic Surgeons In Lahore

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Healthy bones are the symptom of a healthy body. Due to a deficiency of calcium, many of us are suffering through weak bones and other orthopedic diseases. These diseases include minor or major injuries, muscles diseases, bones surgery, and bracing. There are many other issues that come under the umbrella of orthopedic.

There are thousands of doctors that claim themselves as best orthopedic surgeons but there are only a few that are actually the trustworthy and best one. Here are some best Orthopedic Surgeons In Lahore you can find in full of rush and big city.

1. Dr. Muhammad Bilal

Dr. Muhammad Bilal is a highly qualified doctor and orthopedic surgeon. He is currently practicing in Farooq Hospital Lahore. Patients always come up with positive response after visiting him. He is specialized in sports injuries, shoulder replacement, trauma surgery, lower back pain, knee replacement, hip replacement and elbow replacement.

2. Dr. Farooq Azam Khan

Dr. Farooq Azam Khan is a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon. He is currently working in Farooq Hospital Lahore. He has a very generous personality and serving thousands of patients with tremendous skills. His specialties include orthobiologics, Knee replacement, bone trauma, sports injuries, joints replacement, shoulder replacement, arthritis management, and fracture treatment. He believes in a healthy and active life with self-care.

3. Dr. Abdul Latif Shahid

Dr. Abdul Latif Shahid is a well-experienced and highly qualified doctor. He is currently working as an orthopedic surgeon at Children Hospital and Yousaf Medical Centre Lahore. His specialties include Pelvi-Acetabular Surgery, Bone trauma, Sports injury, Knee Replacement, Endoscopic spine surgery, lower back pain, joint replacement surgery, and arthritis management.

4. Dr. M. A Wajid

Dr. M. A Wajid is a well-experienced orthopedic surgeon and doctor. He is currently working at National Hospital Lahore. His specialties include, minimally invasion surgery, lower back pain, arthritis management, trauma surgery, sports injury, osteoporosis, and elbow replacement. He has served thousands of patients in pain management as well.

5. Dr. Tariq Sohail

Dr. Tariq Sohail is a highly qualified orthopedic surgeon in Lahore. He is currently working in Doctor’s Hospital. He has specialized in fracture treatment, ligament reconstruction, musculoskeletal infections, bone trauma, joint replacement surgery, and hip replacement.

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