5 Best Physiotherapists In Lahore

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Backache, injuries, tailbone pain and muscle pull are very common pains that one can suffer. If these pains go beyond the level it can create serious trouble. In this case, the only physiotherapist can help you out.

A physiotherapist is the one who treats all the pains and displacements of bones in the body. They can also help you with all the fitness postures and body movements’ tips. In Lahore, there are some Best Physiotherapists that can help you with all problem that is related to your bones, physique, and injuries. Here is the account of the Best Physiotherapists in Lahore that can help you.

1. Khalid Saeed Khan

Khalid Saeed Khan is a highly qualified physiotherapist. He is currently working at Khalid Saeed Khan Lahore. He believes in a healthy life with an active soul. His specialties include sports physiotherapy, paralytic care, orthopedic, gynecological physiotherapy, functional training and pain management.

2. Shahid Imran

Shahid Imran is a very highly qualified physiotherapist. He is currently working at Rehab Care Lahore. He has a very enthusiastic and generous personality. He has served many patients in pain management as well. His specialties include paralytic care, functional training, musculoskeletal disorder and pain management.

3. Mehwish Niaz

Mehwish Niaz is a highly experienced and qualified physiotherapist. She is practicing Iqra Medical Complex Lahore. She has a specialization in paralytic care, sports physiotherapy, functional training, and rehabilitation specialist. She has a very generous personality and serving her best.

4. Muhammad Hashim

Muhammad Hashim is a well-experienced and qualified physiotherapist. He is working at Physiogic Physiotherapy Clinic Lahore. He is specialized In Special Children Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, Sports Injuries Physiotherapy, Neurological Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Physio Therapist, Gyne And Obstetrics Physiotherapy.

Waseem Javaid

Waseem Javaid is a very well qualified doctor and physiotherapist. He is currently practicing at Wilcare Hospital and AO orthopedic hospital in Lahore. He is specialized in disc pain management, spine pain management, paralytic care, combat fitness, and functional training.

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