5 Best Psychiatrists In Karachi

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Mental health is as important as physical health. It’s not always about depression but sometimes your mind is exhausted with the daily troubles and hassles. Sometimes, it is a failure that ruins our mental peace. These days’ people are so judgmental about outer joy, peace and wealth. They literally forgot that inner peace is more important.
A common phrase that is ruining many lives is “Log Kiya Kahain gay”. This a universal phrase that is used to judge every single situation. If you are not perfect in your studies and want to quit your field then your parents will be more concerned about the “Log Kiya Kahain gay” thing rather than your happiness and productivity.

Similarly, people are more concerned about your job and social circle rather than the effort you are making to achieve your goals. These all scenarios may look ignorable but they can acquire a room in your mind and destroy your peace.

Have you ever gotten up in the morning and experienced certain unexplainable pain in your heart? Pain that you cannot explain to anyone. Pain that is more painful than usual. A sorrow that you cannot even share with your family. An empty mind with no vision. The reasons behind it can be thousands or even one.

These conditions are surely not easy. We must recognize the effect as soon as possible that we are suffering from severe mental anxiety and destruction of behavior before it gets too late.
Now the question arises that how can we get help in such situations. I am here with an answer as well. You need a psychiatrist. WHY? Let me answer it as well.

Why You Need A Psychiatrist?

A psychiatrist can help you with mental disorders and breakdowns. Either patient is suffering from chronic disease effects on mental health or suffering from social anxiety. Visiting the best psychiatrist can make things better and easy. They can provide medications because some mental illnesses not only need counseling but medication as well. Sometimes patients reach a point where it is useless to talk only. In these conditions, prescribed medications with cautions are the best thing for treatment.

This is just a myth that a psychiatrist can heal your pain within just a few hours. NO! He will initiate this procedure while becoming your friend. He will start it by knowing yourself slowly. No one is willing to start explaining pains and sorrow in a few minutes. Here is a list of conditions that can lead you to visit a psychiatrist in Karachi.

    • Sudden mental illness and incidents that can lead to an emotional breakdown.
    • Anxiety creates due to chronic diseases.
    • Mental illness that leads to suicidal attempts.
    • Severe conditions leading to shivering and continuous tears.
    • Helps in family issues and best advice.
    • Hurting with some serious tool.
    • Excess of eating and sleep.
    • hallucinations.
    • Drugs addiction.
    • Childhood ailments such as autism.
    • Hypertension.
    • Excessive anger.
    • Short term memory.
    • Insomnia or sleep disorder.

Other than this patients can get counseling after getting back in a peaceful state. In a big city like Karachi, it is always difficult to find quality things. Similarly, when we search for a good psychiatrist only words of mouth are not enough so here I am going to mention some really best psychiatrists in Karachi that can help you.

List Of Top 5 Psychiatrists In Karachi:

1. Dr. Aneel Kumar Keswani

In the field of psychiatry, he is one of the most trustworthy names in Karachi. Dr. Aneel Kumar Keswani is a highly qualified psychiatrist in Karachi. Currently, he is practicing in Medicare Clinic Cardiac and General Hospital Shaheed-e-Milat. Highlighting his major specialties which include psychiatry problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, depression, drug abuse, and addictions.

2. Dr. Saba Ismail

It won’t be wrong to say that Dr. Saba Ismail is a leading name in the field of psychiatry. She believes in treating patients with care. Currently, she is providing her services at Jamiyat Hospital and Sir Sayed Hospital Karachi. Her specialties include Family problems, crisis management, bipolar disorder, anger management, career counseling, early parenting issues, and depression.

3. Dr. Washdev

Dr. Washdev is a highly qualified psychiatrist in karachi and in the present time, he is practicing at Taj Medical complex and Saifee Hospital Karachi. Although he is serving a wide range of specialties of psychiatry some major specialties are concentration problems, crisis management, addiction, alcohol addiction, emotional outbursts, abnormal and unusual behavior.

4. Dr. Ahmer Mairaj

Dr. Ahmer Mairaj is a highly qualified doctor and psychiatrist in karachi. He is currently practicing in Hiipark General Hospital and Ameen Medical Dental Centre. His specialties include crisis management, anger management, depression, early parenting, cognitive-behavioral disorder, adolescent problems, emotional outbursts, and Drug Abuse.

5. Dr. Gulam Rasool Rind

Dr. Gulam Rasool Rind is a highly qualified psychiatrist in Karachi. He is working at Neuro Clinic and Falij Care and Qamar ul Islam hospital in Karachi. His specialties include anxiety, depression, addiction, thought problems, drug addiction, and suicidal tendency.

These doctors can help you in maintaining mental health and take you out of all the social anxieties that are not letting you progress in any life. You are your own survivor. If you are expecting that any other person will help you out when you are making a big mistake.

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