5 Best Psychologists In Lahore

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Mental health is something that really needs attention. Sadly, we consider it as a “Taboo”. We are afraid of talking about it. Thousands of people die every day just because of mental stress and illness. The major reason behind it is no proper checkup, consoling and care.
People are afraid to discuss what they are depressed or not mentally well. Heart-wrenching behaviors are causing worse scenarios. In this chaotic condition, there is a need to consult with the best psychologist and need treatment. Here is a list of the Best Psychologists in Lahore that can help you in better mental health.

Amna Sinan

She is a qualified and one of the best psychologists. Amna Sinan is currently practicing in City Clinic Lahore. She believes in helping those who are suffering from severe. Her specialties include psychological issues, OCD, Anxiety, Sexual harassment treatment, anger management, and stress management.


He is very well experienced and qualified psychologist. Ahmed Salman is currently working Madawa Care home. His generous behavior is one of his biggest specialty. Other than this he is also specialized in Anxiety, Anger management, student counseling, stress management, OCD, depression, learning problems and marriage counseling.

Ayesha Shahid Sheikh

Ayesha Shahid Sheikh is a highly qualified psychologist. She is currently practicing at Hameed Latif Hospital. She is specialized in stress management, career issues, learning problems, conversion disorder, depression, drugs control, and personal grooming. She believes in counseling with care and affection.

Ibrahim Siawash

He is a highly qualified psychologist and working at Lahore School Management. Ibrahim Siawash is specialized in student counseling, anxiety, stress management, anger management, addictions, drug control, women issues, children issues, career issues, and conversion disorder.

Sadaf Inayat.

She is a highly qualified psychologist. Sadaf Inayat is currently working at Iqra Medical Complex. She has a very generous person. Her specializations include hysteria, drug control, anger management career issue, depression, stress management, child-related issues, and anxiety.

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