5 Best Ways To Stay Hydrated In Ramadan

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The first Ashrah of Ramadan has come to its end. Second Ashrah has become more testing because of the heat wave we’re facing in Pakistan. Many people have been hospitalized due to heat stroke and dehydration. And of course, during the long hour of fasting, drinking water is not the option. All we can do is to make sure we drink plenty of water during sehri and after iftaar. To consult with the best doctors in Lahore visit marham.pk.

Here are 5 best ways that help you to stay hydrated in Ramadan:

1. Drink A Lot Water In Non-Fasting Hours:

You must be aware that we need to drink at least 8 glass of water a day. It is your responsibility to keep this even in Ramadan. You can make it possible by drinking 2 glass of water in sehri, breaking your fast with two glass of water and drinking four or more glass of water in the duration between.

Stay hydrated
Tips to Stay hydrated

2. Consume Foods With High Water Content:

If you think it is impossible for you to drink 8 glass of water in such a short span of time. You can compensate the lack of water in the food you eat. Fruits and vegetables with high water content such as watermelon, cucumber, and lettuce will help keep you hydrated throughout the day.

3. Avoid Food With Too Much Spice And Salt:

Spicy and salty food increases your body’s need of water. Such food items cause dehydration more than any other food. So try to avoid too much salt and spice in your meal. This goes for all the Pakistani foodies who can’t resist over spicy foods. To consult with the best doctors in Karachi visit marham.pk.

4. Limit Your Exposure To Heat:

In Pakistan, we are fighting a constant battle against extremely hot weather. Ramadan is becoming challenging, especially when we have to go out. Exposure to heat is unavoidable, we can’t stop working or living. But at least we should try to minimize our exposure to heat. Hot temperatures will cause sweating and result in the fluid loss. Try to stay indoor or stick to the shade or cool places. So that you can stay hydrated in Ramadan.

Stay hydrated
Tips to Stay hydrated

5. Cold Showers:

Dehydration increases your body temperature, breathing, and pulse rate. The best way to lower your body temperature is to take cold showers. Spend 10-15 minutes under direct cool water. Place your head under shower; it will keep your body hydrated. If you’re in the office or any other place where you can’t take shower, wet a towel in cold water. Apply the towel to your head and neck to stay hydrated in Ramadan. You will much better and this will help you to keep going with Roza.

Ramadan is a blessing. We can’t estimate its reward. Whatever hardships we face in Ramadan, we are going to be rewarded for that. We can make it easy for us by making some simple steps. If you need any help or consultation with the best specialists in Pakistan you can visit marham.pk.

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