5 Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction That You Should Know

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Erectile dysfunction is a problem that occurs when a man has consistent and repeated problems in sustaining an erection. Without treatment, erectile dysfunction makes sexual intercourse difficult. This problem is reported by 1 in 5 men and the number increases with age.

This is the new rising problem in men and most people don’t have any awareness about it. It happens because of certain causes that need to be dealt with but lack of information and awareness leads to so many men suffering from this problem and having issues in their marital life. For erectile dysfunction, you can seek help from a qualified urologist. You can also book an appointment with the best urologist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

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Here are five causes of erectile dysfunction that you need to vary of:


Depression dampens your desire and leads you to the problem of erectile dysfunction. The brain is an overlooked erogenous zone as sexual excitement starts in your head and works its way down. Also, the drugs used to treat depression can suppress your sexual drive and make it difficult for you to get an erection.


The contents of your medicine can also possibly affect your sexual functioning. There’s a list of common drugs that cause erectile dysfunction which includes certain blood pressure drugs, pain medications, and antidepressants. However, it’s not that you stop taking medicines because of it but you should seek help from a doctor and take the prescribed medications. You can also get help from the best urologist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.

erectile dysfunction


Stress hinders your mood and puts you under the burden of responsibilities at work and home. It takes a toll on your health an body may cause you to develop erectile dysfunction. Therefore, you should deal with stress by adopting lifestyle changes that promote your well-being and relaxation like exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and also seeking professional help if necessary. You can easily book an appointment with the best psychologist in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk.


Worrying about your sexual health complicates the situation even more. Anxiety from other parts of your life can also spill over your sexual life. Anxiety puts you in a state of unclarity and restlessness and destroys your mechanisms.

Your Health:

Many other health conditions can also affect the nerves, muscles, or blood flow that is needed to have and sustain an erection. Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, spinal cord injuries, and multiple sclerosis can also lead to erectile dysfunction.

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