5 Common Health Issues Among Working Ladies

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By growth and changes in the economy, women are playing a remarkable role in society. Educated and working class is increasing day by day. It is a dilemma of our society that ladies are working and handling house chores as well. This is a big reason that ladies can get sick and have many health issues.

There are some common health issues every working lady experience but sadly, with the busy and hectic schedule, it becomes difficult to take good care of health. Here are some diseases and their solution for all working ladies out there. You can also book the best Gynecologist in Karachi via Marham.pk


This problem is getting very coming not only in ladies but also in men. When we work hard and get a hell of tired that we face difficulty in good sleep. This is a common disease among working ladies and it can ruin work life too. To avoid this problem there is an advice for working ladies that they must quit taking tension of house chores. After reaching home take a break for an hour from every kind of work. Also, minimize the intake caffeine. You can also book the best Gynecologist in Rawalpindi via Marham.pk


It occurs because of lots of sitting on an office chair. Obesity is no doubt root cause of every other disease. To avoid this issue make sure that you have a proper workout routine. At least work out 3 days a week and eat healthy food. Eating junk food is a big source of so many chronic diseases. It’s not compulsory to eat food from restaurants regularly you can take homemade food or snack as well. You can also book the best Gynecologist in Lahore via Marham.pk


Stress is a big issue just because of overburden or uncomfortable environment of the office. It’s not only because of office work but also because of house chores burden. You a lady not a superwoman or machine. Keep a balance in your work and house life. You can also book the best Gynecologist in Quetta via Marham.pk

Hormonal issues

Okay! this is obvious but these changes can also bring other issues just like mood swings or depression. This can also put a working lady into a serious argument. Hypertension is also a result of this changes. During these changes try to change your meal plan. Also, plan a fun activity so that it can change the mood.

Back or neck ache

A backache is a most common issue when you are working 9 hours straight in front of the laptop. Take a short break in your work routine. Other than a backache weak eyesight is also a big issue.  You can also book the best Gynecologist in Islamabad via Marham.pk

Working ladies
Working ladies

Working ladies are already a gem. But these gems are also needed to take good care of themselves before they lose their health and shine.

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