5 Common Illnesses That Can Attack During Summer Holidays

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In Pakistan, summer season haunt people as a nightmare. Although we should be happy that we are blessed with four seasons but from past few years, the heat wave is badly affecting all the Pakistanis. So, with the arrival of summer people start getting ready themselves to face extreme heat wave. Where in Pakistan summer means sun, heat wave, and sweating, for some people it means holidays and fun. Even when I was a school going girl summer holidays were my favorite part of the year. I can recall all the summer fun that I had as well as some illnesses that attacked me every year. Yes! It isn’t a pleasant memory but in summer I used to get sick whenever I plan some fun activity. And of course, it made me delay my plans.

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I am sure you must have been faced some of the most common illnesses in summer. If not then must take a look at this so you can also be aware of what kind of illnesses can attack during the summer holidays.

1.Chicken Pox:

Chickenpox is a common viral infection that can attack during the summer holidays. It is most common among children and I still remember whenever we get back to school after summer holidays someone in the class must have had chicken pox. This infection is caused by a varicella zoster virus. It is a highly contagious infection that causes an itchy rash of spots all over the body.

Summer diseases
Summer diseases


It is also one of the most common childhood infections which are caused by a virus. It is also called rubeola and can be serious and even deadly for small babies. Adults who have a weak immune system can also be affected by this infection so, if you’re thinking at least you’re safe from this illness then you might be wrong. It can also ruin your summer fun.


During summer holidays most people don’t care much about their health. In fact, they don’t even avoid eating food made in unhygienic places. If you’re one of those people then this carelessness can lead you to Jaundice, which is caused by hepatitis A virus and affects the liver causing overproduction of bile. It is a water-borne disease caused mainly by contaminated water provisions and food cooked in unhygienic places.

4.Food Poisoning:

Food poisoning is two times more common during the summer holidays than during other parts of the year. The reason behind is bacteria that cause food poisoning to grow fastest in hot and humid weather. Older adults, young children, and anyone with the weak immune system are more prone to food poisoning. Now you can find and consult with the best general practitioner in Karachi through Marham.pk.

5.Summer Colds:

There is a sort of virus that produces cold-like symptoms, which tends to raise its revolting head during the summer months when usually we get holidays. It is called enterovirus and can cause more complicated signs and symptoms than the average winter cold.

Summer diseases
Summer diseases

You can still enjoy your summer holidays along with the all fun activities. You just have to be little more careful because prevention is the best thing to avoid any health issue. Now, you know about common illnesses that can attack during summer holidays so it would be easy for you to avoid them. Stay healthy and have fun-filled summer holidays!

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