5 Most Common Mental Health Disorders In Pakistan

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Being a Clinical Psychologist who is actively practicing my specialization, I see a lot of people with various mental health issues every other day. I have certainly noticed a pattern of a few problems in this domain. Along with that, I have seen a number of common mental health problems as well.

I will be talking about a few disorders that are most commonly seen in this article today:

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Well, Anxiety is certainly the top most occurring mental health disorder that I have seen. The most common and basic signs of anxiety include:

  • a Feeling of fear or dread
  • Physical signs of panic such as increased heartbeat, shallow breathing, dizziness and sweating among others.
  • Pains and aches without apparent medical reason are also a major indicator.

Most of the times, the anxiety stems from excessive negative thoughts that cause anxious condition. It, later on, interferes with the normal functioning of a person. The anxiety disorder can elicit itself in the form of Panic attacks, Social Phobia, Generalized Anxiety among the most common ones.

Depression and Mood Disorders

Depression is a pretty common word these days in our society. However, the simple feeling of sadness is pretty different from actual depression.

  • Extreme sadness and a feeling of hopelessness are the major signs of depression but they can lead on to suicidal thoughts if not treated as well.
  • Extreme negative thinking, the feeling of lethargy and loss of motivation are also the signs of depression.

An Interesting thing is that one can get extremely angry in depression as well. So if a person is showing excessive anger they might be depressed!

Other Mood disorders which include problems such as Bipolar disorder might make a person feel extreme happiness and extreme sadness at times.

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Psychotic Disorders

These are the disorders that involve the symptoms such as confused or distorted thinking. One might start talking gibberish or start complaining about seeing or hearing things that don’t even exist.

The common symptoms include:

  • Hallucinations, which are experiences of seeing, hearing or tasting things that are not real.
  • Delusion, the false beliefs that are believed to be true for the patient.


Another very commonly occurring disorder that I have witnessed in my clinical practice is Conversion. It is the problem in which a person shows somatic complains (body aches, numbness, blindness etc.) without apparent medical reason. Most of the times a person shows these symptoms due to some unconscious psychological problem.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD is also a psychological problem that affects hundreds of people every year. The treatment of problem is readily available and a person can feel its positive effects in a very short time.

The symptoms include

  • Excessive and repetitive thoughts that are not being able to shun by the person.
  • Compulsions or the utter uncontrollable behavior of not being able to stop from doing some chores. These might include counting again and again, checking door locks or any other appliance etc.

Sexual Disorders

Sexual disorders are also very common in case of mental health problems. Dysfunction in sexual life due to psychological distress, abnormal sexual practices or simply due to the feeling of unease can cause problems. A person might not feel aroused or sated after a sexual encounter if they are facing any kind of problem related to this domain.

All of these problems can be dealt with Psychological and Psychiatric treatment. Some cases can be solved with counselling/ therapy only however in many cases Psychiatrist medication coupled with Psychotherapy helps the most.

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