5 Dangers To Your Child’s Health That You Must Know About

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Becoming a new parent is one of the most incredible and beautiful experiences of life. You will do everything to make your kid laugh and smile and give them every little happiness. Getting them a plethora of toys and gadgets, fulfilling their every wish, as parents we want our kids to experience the best childhood and never feel left out or anything short of. However, the thing we need to know as parents is that all the toys we get for our kids might even cause more harm than good. And the same goes for other baby products that we so commonly buy as well as the food items.

If you’re wondering about that how toys or these things can possibly hurt your kids, then here are the dangers to keep in mind that certain things impart on your children. You can always get an appointment with the best child specialist in Karachi or any other city of Pakistan via marham.pk for parenting guidance:

Here are five dangers to your child’s health that you must know about:

1. Baby Walkers:

Even though these items are designed to help babies learn walking quite smoothly, they in fact cause more damage.
In countries like Canada or USA, these items are banned. The human body is supposed to grow at a pace of its own and when you provide your baby with such a support device, you yourself hinder the natural process. This results in the uneven strengthening of muscles. The best practice is to consult an orthopedic doctor for this for which you can easily find through Marham.

2. Milk And Juice:

Preservatives are never a good option even for adults, let alone the kids. Fruit juices packed in tetra packs that are readily available in the market have added preservatives and refined sugar do not possess the true essence of a natural fruit. If these juices are consumed excessively, they may lead to major dental problems as well as obesity.
A baby should always be fed only with breast milk, and even after that, try to avoid cow’s milk as it might be too heavy for the babies to digest.

3. Warm Clothes:

Children lack the thermoregulation advancements which develop later as adults. This makes them more susceptible to overheating and eventually leading to conditions like heat strokes. Wrapping your baby in too many warm clothes which is the common practice hinders the body’s ability to develop defence mechanisms against the changing weather. Also, as a result, problems like a low level of immunity become fairly common in children.

4. Electronic Gadgets:

The blue light from LED sources of gadgets your children excessively use can cause retinal damage, cataracts, blindness, and even macular degeneration. The extensive use of smartphones and gadgets essentially deprives your child from the real world leaving no room for his sensory and motor skills to be developed. It can also lead to personality disorders, speech problems, affect decision-making and communication.

5. Seat Belts:

Though seat belts are meant to save you in case accidents but the case is different when you’re pregnant. Just by wearing a seatbelt incorrectly, you may end up causing harm to your child. Hence, always make sure that you place the lower strap of the seat belt below your belly area so that it does not put much stress on your amniotic sac.
Make a habit to sit in an upright position, or better do not drive in such condition at all unless it is essential.

Although it is imperative for you to ensure that your child is having a good time when exposed to all of life’s joys, you must know what dangers lie around of which you need to be careful and keep your child safe. Share this valuable information with other parents.

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