5 Deliciously dangerous foods You Should Avoid This Eid

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The Holy Month of Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid-ul-Fitr is just around the corner. As we all know Eid-ul-Fitr is the most celebrated Muslim festival and people around the world celebrate this festival with great enthusiasm and a variety of mouthwatering delicious foods. After a month of fasting and long abstinence from food and drink, it is natural for you to indulge in some yummy treats. But do you want to spoil your Eid by eating dangerous foods? NO! Right? That’s why you should avoid eating dangerous food this eid, no matter how delicious they taste. And if you want customized diet plan and professional advice with the best nutritionist in Islamabad then visit Marham.pk.

Now, look at the list of these foods that you should avoid this Eid.

1. Liver:

Our moms and almost every desi aunty have a skill of making a delicious dish out of the liver. Especially in Pakistan, the liver is a quite common food to be considered in Eid menu. As a food, liver is high in iron and can be healthy food for some. But for others, it can add to your levels of high cholesterol which can be extremely dangerous. So, try to replace this food with something healthy.

2. Fried Meat:

Since meat is very acidic and often cause indigestion which can be troublesome for you this Eid. That’s why I’ll suggest you avoid fried meat and try to cook with very little or no oil. I know we Pakistanis are pure desi and can’t go without meat but you can barbeque, grill, bake, and steam it but try not to fry it. To find and consult with the best dietetics in Lahore, you can visit Marham.pk.

3. Cakes:

In Pakistan, it is more like a tradition to bring sweets and cakes while visiting each other on Eid. It is kind of nice gesture but not so kind for your health. No doubt cakes are delicious but this high-calorie content food item is extremely dangerous for your health. Well, it is mandatory to have some meetha on Eid, so, yes you can have a bowl of sheerkurma or sevaiya instead of cakes.

Food to avoid on Eid
Food to avoid on Eid

4. Junk Food:

Come on, this is Eid! How can you feel the true essence of Eid without eating healthy desi food? You have been eating junk throughout the year, so you can avoid this at least on Eid. Plus it is extremely dangerous for your health as well. After a month of fasting, you need to eat anything healthy but for God Sake not a junk (e.g. burgers, pizza, shawarma, french fries).

Food to avoid on Eid
Food to avoid on Eid

5. Carbonated Drinks:

Eid is the festival when we can’t eat without carbonated drinks. It is becoming a part of our tradition. We take two sips of carbonated drink with one bite of food. If you think that sodas, frizzy, and carbonated drinks will help you to keep smooth and fast digestion, then let me tell you it’s just a myth. Such drinks are full of sugar and quite dangerous for your health. So for this Eid, you can make a big jug of lemonade with a few mint leaves. Keep drinking fresh lemonade and this will help with digesting your food faster.

Eid is all about greetings, happiness and visiting your friends and family. All of us enjoy this blessed festival with a variety of delicious food. To make this festival more enjoyable and safe, you have to choose healthy food to eat. In this way, you can lower the risk of getting ill on this auspicious occasion. Have a happy, healthy Eid!

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