5 Desi Foods That Can Ruin Healthy Routine

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Being a Desi means eating a lot of food and……yes again eating a lot of food. No matter if it’s a roadside food or cooked by your mom at home. We Pakistanis simply indulge in Desi foods anywhere, any time. Even someone who puts himself on diet finds it more difficult to avoid desi food. We think by eating less we have maintained a healthy diet routine. But let me tell you that you might be wrong. Yes! You may have no idea but Desi foods can ruin your healthy diet routine and your efforts of staying healthy can go in vain.

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Now, I am going to tell you the names of 5 Desi foods that can badly ruin your healthy diet routine, have a look and tell me if I’m wrong:

1.Chicken Karahi:

This dish has been eaten as the main course in every desi family. The mixture of a number of different spices and ingredients makes this food yummy of all. The flavor that comes out of the spices is delicious but can literally cause harm to your body. Extra spice and oil both are dangerous for health and this food has both of them in an excess amount. So, you can’t deny the fact that this food can ruin your healthy routine.

desi food
desi food

2.Siri Paye:

The best ever desi nashta Siri paye needs no introduction. If you’re a true Lahori than you can tell on your fingertips about the places where this desi food is being served. There is no comparison of Siri paye in taste as well as the harm it causes to your body. Let just forget about the other ingredients if we only talk about the amount of fat and oil in this food then only this can lead you to obesity and several cardiovascular diseases. To find and consult with the best cardiologist in Lahore visit Marham.pk.

3.Bun Kabab Or Andey Wala Burger:

You don’t need to offer this food just handover it to someone and they won’t say even a word. If you follow YouTube and Facebook then you must know that this food has already become an internet sensation. In fact, before becoming an internet sensation this desi burger has always occupied the heart and appetite of every desi person. This economical version of burger contains a lot of spices that can severely disturb the intestine and may lead to stomach ulcer. Certainly, it doesn’t sound healthy at all. NO?

desi food
desi food


My own very favorite kachoris are delicious to eat. However, the oil mostly used in this food item is mostly unprocessed and recycled. It is a common cause of acidity and long-term issues like obesity and heart diseases. If you’re going well with your healthy routine and someday when it rains and you decide to eat kachoris with a hot cup of tea then remember that it can ruin your healthy routine with no excuses.

5.Gulab Jamun:

Without dragging it long let me just tell you that only two pieces of gulab jamun can cost you 387 calories alone. Consuming a bowl full of gulab jamuns can, therefore, be extremely unhealthy. If you want customized diet plan and professional advice with the best nutritionist in Karachi then visit Marham.pk.

Yes, we are desi and we are addictive to desi food. But that doesn’t mean we have all the right reasons to eat unhealthily. Health comes first and you can’t compromise over it. You must know what is good for your health and what can ruin your healthy routine. Now so that you know about the consequences of eating these five desi foods. Try to avoid them or at least try to eat in moderation.

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