5 Diet Hacks That Colon Cancer Patient Must Follow

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What is colon cancer?

It is cancer that occurs in the large intestine. It begins through small noncancerous clumps of cells. Its symptoms also include unexplained weight loss, fatigue, rectal bleeding and discomfort in the tummy. Blood in stool is also a prominent symptom of colon cancer.

In most cases initially, colon cancer does not give a clear symptom. Doctors say that this cancer occurs due to an abnormality in healthy cells. So far risk factors that are found for this cancer are the age factor, family history, and low or high fiber food.

Here are some diets that can be beneficial for patients that are suffering from colon cancer. For booking of appointment with the best Oncologist in Lahore, you can visit Marham.pk


All dairy food can keep this cancer on the bay. Calcium and Vitamin D is important for patients who are suffering from cancer. 1200 to 2500 milligram is the appropriate amount of dairy products for such patients.

colon cancer
colon cancer

No Smoking

Smoking is not only injurious for mouth cancer patients but also for any type of cancer patients. Intake of tobacco is never a good idea for any person no matter how healthy he is.

colon cancer
colon cancer

Whole Wheat and Grain

Whole wheat and grains are itself a magical food for many diseases and their patients. Diabetic patients, cancer patients, and obese people must add whole wheat in food to keep their life with ease. For booking of appointment with the best Oncologist in Karachi, you can visit Marham.pk

What to eat

Above are the long-term food plan that must be followed by the patient. But when the patient is suffering through all the pain and hardship he must add fruit and vegetable especially green vegetables that will help in the production of blood cells. It will also help in the generation of new blood cell which may lose during all the treatment and chemo process. Other than vegetables you can add poultry products and fish as well. White meat is best for colon cancer patients.

What to avoid

There is some food that must be avoided during this cancer. These foods include Red meat, desserts and sweets, fried food, processed food, and refined grains.
Not all cancers are fatal. With some care and help, we can fight cancer. Losing hope is not a good decision because God has created us as a fighter.  For booking of appointment with the best Oncologist in Islamabad, you can visit Marham.pk

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